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Five Reasons To Book A Christmas Party | Themed Parties With Non-Stop Kids

Updated: Feb 1

Are you ready for the best Christmas party ever? Christmas is approaching very soon and we have spoken to many parents who want to secure their children's entertainment for the upcoming holidays. Thanks to our amazing Christmas Package, we are able to provide an exciting festive experience for your child's party.

Top Five Motives for Reserving a Christmas Celebration | Themed Parties by Non-Stop Kids

You might be wondering what it's like to have a Christmas party with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment. We can proudly say they are just as amazing as our other party packages with several unique advantages. Let's break down and look at five amazing features about our Christmas Party!

The Package Is Completely Hassle Free!

If you have ever secured a party with Non-Stop Kids before, you will know our role is to provide a brilliant experience for your children while you, the parents, don't have to stress over anything. The Christmas Party Package is no exception! Our entertainer will run and host the party from beginning to end. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the fun. All you need to do is feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out. Everyone's a winner!

Reduces The Stress And Expense!

Hiring one of our amazing children’s entertainers to provide the games, entertainment and themes will relieve a massive amount of stress and time sorting out the entertainment. Entertainers know how much hassle the party hosting can be; luckily they have a lot of experience so they are already prepared when it comes to keeping everyone happy and the party going.

We provide a fantastic and reliable package when it comes to children's entertainment, one of which includes the hassle free party package in which our goal is to make your party as stress free for you as it could possibly be. The hassle free package involves us sorting everything from the entertainer, to the games and the theme!

We Provide All The Equipment!

Our Christmas Package includes disco lights, modern PA system and much more. We provide all of the equipment necessary. Best of all is you don't have to worry about any hassle. When you book one of our party packages, the entertainer we send to your kid's party will arrive 30 minutes in advance to set up everything. This creates the perfect festive atmosphere as soon as the children enter the room. From beginning to end we will run the whole party.

Christmas Themed Party Games & Crazy Dance Competitions!

We provide high energy party games and crazy dancing games & competitions that are unique to Non-Stop Kids Entertainment. You won't find these types of games anywhere else. The music we include can easily be tailored for each party. This means if there is any song you would like us to include or avoid, simply let us know. Likewise, we will only play radio edited music for your peace of mind.

Non-Stop Interaction!

One thing we never do is exclude children from the fun. As soon as everyone has arrived, our entertainer kicks off the party with a street style magic performance. Our entertainer engages with all of the children non-stop, making sure no one is ever excluded from the fun. We will even make sure the birthday child gets to help with a special trick.

These Five Reasons Will Save You Hassle!

So, there you have it! Five amazing reasons why you should secure our Christmas Package. We even provide kids party ideas and themes for that extra special touch. To put it all in a sentence, entertainers bring everything together for an amazing party, so why not give it a try? We promise you will never be disappointed here at Non-Stop Kids, so give us a ring to find out more! Our contact details are below, if you'd like to call us directly or fill in a no obligation consultation form! Stay festive!

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