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How You Can Entertain Your Children Online - Vlog

Thanks for tuning into today's vlog. None of us realised we would be entertaining our little ones online. While lockdown may have been lifted lightly, the fact still remains that social distancing is in place and entertainment is a must. Why not use the internet to your advantage? The internet didn't always exist, so use it to your advantage however you can.

YouTube Has Millions Of Videos For Kids!

YouTube is a great advantage. There are millions of videos across the platform for your little ones to watch. We recommend you use the YouTube kid app to make sure they are watching suitable content. The kids app doesn't show adverts such as cards and end screens, so you don't have to worry about them getting directed to something bad. Kids would love watching toys getting unboxed for hours. There's a lot of options on the YouTube Kid's app.

Check out our personal YouTube channel for NSK TV! We put this all together during lockdown to make a children's channel for kids. Our timetable is on Facebook. We upload 6 videos every day. We do magic, party games, science experiments, maths lessons, musical lessons, history lessons, fun around the house, baking and much more! We have playlists on YouTube for everything if you were only interested in one specific category. Does your child love magic? We have a magic playlist full with every episode that involves magic! We've been running NSK TV for 2 months now and have over 400 episodes!

Facebook Lives!

For a more interactive side of things, why not take to looking for live videos on Facebook? Lots of entertainers performing online live. At Non-Stop Kids we perform a live show every day at 1PM. Then the following day we put it on YouTube. Live allows our entertainers to interactive with you while they are streaming. This is amazing for live quizzes and gameshows. We can also give your child a special shout out on the day.

Facebook Groups!

The best part about the internet is socialising. If you're looking for home based ideas to entertain your children, look no further. There are hundreds of Facebook groups out there that are dedicated to sharing ideas between parents. Searching with keywords such as "Housebound for kids" will net you some great results. We have a Facebook group of our own connected to NSK called Free Home Based Kids Entertainment. Over 1,000 members have joined and more continue to join on a daily basis. There's amazing ideas that have been shared from parents that are priceless!

Education Resources!

Your school have probably provided your kids with resources already but it never hurts to provide them with more educational games to keep their brains stimulated. educational based games are a great way to keep your kids to be entertained. They'll learn something new and get an award at the end. Maybe they do a football game where they have to answer math questions and as an award they get to a penalty shot. Kids love to do studying if they know there's an award involved.

There's a lot of stuff out there on the internet to help you entertain your little ones. You just need to find what is right for you!


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