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Football Party Package!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Non Stop Kids are proud to announce the introduction of their new party package, the Football Themed Party! For all your sports enthusiast, this is the perfect package for you! To celebrate the introduction, we think it's appropiate to write this blog on our new package and why it would be an amazing for you to use!

Football Parties

Before we dive deep into the amazing features, it's best to know what this package is all about! As the name suggests, this is a Football themed package specifically designed for kids to party and play football simultaneously. Our entertainer will bring their own football equipment and will present themselves as your very own coach! They will introduce themselves, greet all the kids and build up the party games by going over some basic rules of the game and checking if everyone is safe and ready to go!

This won't be a boring lesson like school sports, but an high energy party and an amazing football atmosphere! Throughout the two hours, the coach will engage with all the kids as they play high energy football games, ending on Crazy Football Tournament and the Man Of The Match for the birthday child! Now that you understand how the package works, let’s examine how your child’s NEEDS this party package for their birthday party.

The Package Is Perfect For Football Fans!

It's no secret Britain is the King of Football and most if not all kids love to support their favourite team! If your child loves Football (and who doesn't) they will love this package. Compared to our other packages, we took our time with development because it doesn't include a disco theme or a magic show. From the very beginning of this party when the coach is introducing the children to the package, they really buy into what is happening. Football teams is a classic idea that every child loves. Regardless of the age, they can't help but be engaged!

It Builds Teamwork!

With this new package, there will be non stop competitive team games. The kids will get split up into four different groups as they partake in high energy football games. Not only does everyone get to participate, but it helps kids understand and learn the value of working together. This is not just a party package - it's a mini team building day for everyone, too! With our other packages such as the Alien Invasion, we get booked to perform at many schools for this same reason! Everyone has a great time, the team's trust strengthens and they get to take home a fun day and new trait that will help them in the future!

It's Unique!

With most birthday party packages, they usually fall into either a show or a disco. At Non Stop Kids, our most popular package is our Hassle Free Package that combines the two. With our Football Party Package, it combines the best parts of a disco package and a hassle free experience to create a unique experience. By combining a sport that they love with exciting party games, you get an amazing and unique experience! The created result will give the kids a sense of excitement and determination as they work together to defeat the competition.

We Supply Stickers & Medal To The Birthday Child!

After we end the Crazy Football Tournament and conclude with the Man Of The Match, we present stickers for everyone and medal for the birthday child! The medal presented is an award for winning their football party, ending their special day on a fantastic high note!

It's A Hassle Free Experience!

Best part of the Football Party Package is it's completed hassle free for you! Our entertainer coach will arrive 30 minutes in advance and set up their own equipment. From here, they take care of all the entertainment and keep the kids active throughout the whole duration. All you need to do is feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out! You get a hassle free experience, the kids have a great time and everyone's a winner!

Book Today!

There you have it! Our Football Themed Party is on the way to becoming an amazing future and we want you to be part of it! If you have never heard of us before, we are a national company and cover the whole of the UK! You can find further information on why you should book a National Company for your child’s party. And for even more intriguing facts, feel free to read about the difference between our hassle free package and our fun filled disco.

Has the Football Party Package got you captivated? Get in touch today! We're getting so many inquires for the package already and we've got bookings going as far as 2021! The banner below will take you to our site to fill in a form and get a non obligation quote and consultation. We will get back to you within the hour! Or alternatively, give us a call

Thanks for reading.

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