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How To Ensure Your Child Gets To Celebrate Their Birthday During The Coronavirus Outbreak

There is so much panic at the moment due to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 to the point where people think it could potentially ruin a lot of plans for the future but that will not be the case. We understand that the virus has had a very minor effect compared to other countries and as it’s something we should keep in the back of our minds.

How To Ensure Your Child Gets To Celebrate Their Birthday During The Coronavirus Outbreak!

At Non Stop Kids we have actively built safety nets with all of our customers and helping them with their child’s party! We’re here to offer you some amazing advice on how to ensure your child gets to celebrate their birthday during this Coronavirus outbreak!

Please Try Not To Worry Too Much!

We understand that parents naturally want what’s best for their children. Keeping them safe is the main priority. However, the fact of the matter is there is really nothing to be worry about. When it comes to the media, they tend to blow things out of portion and make situations sound a lot worse than they actually are.

We’ve been in touch with all of clients who worry the Coronavirus will affect children’s party. Non Stop Kids have taken this very seriously and moved to assure all of customers that we are taking all the safety precautions and more! Birthdays are an amazing experience for children. The problem that some parents don’t consider is the perspective of the child. From a child’s point of view, they do not grasp the concept of a virus outbreak.

All they see is their special day being put on hold and don’t understand why that has to be. A child’s birthday is amongst the happiest days of their lives and depending on the age they are at, they may have been expecting an amazing day with all their friends, family and more!

What Can You Do?

Even if you yourself are unconcerned about the virus, that doesn’t mean other parents won’t be. If you are still intending to host a party and want friends & family to attend, be sure to take action and communicate effectively and positively! Speak with the parents and reassure them you are taking the virus just as seriously as they are. Go over the safety protocols you have in place, where you intend to hold it and overall assure them there will be no risks involved.

Avoid Venues!

For your party location, we would highly recommend you avoid play centres. Even before the Coronavirus outbreak, soft play centres were already a risk and many parents we know are nervous about using them anyway. Can you imagine how many potential diseases are in a large ball bit? We have been in touch with parents who are not going to play centres for this very reason alone!

Choose An Entertainment Company That Has Strict Cleaning Protocols!

If you are considering hiring an entertainment company for your children’s party, please do your research and find an entertainment company that goes through strict cleaning protocols. Even before any outbreaks occurred, entertainers should be going through cleaning procedures and making sure there is no risk to infection.

Lower The Audience and Lower the Risk!

As a last resort, if you still want really worried about the virus but still want to continue with your party, consider reducing the amount of children you invite. As long your kid doesn’t mind some of their friends not attending, don’t invite as many . Reduce the amount of kids at the party and reduce the risk. We hope you found these tips useful in ensuring your child gets to celebrate their birthday during the Coronavirus.

Consider A Virtual Party!

If you are still uncertain, consider having a virtual party! At Non Stop Kids we will be sending a customer special video to any of our clients who want to reschedule their party. This video will explain to their children while we won’t be at their party now, we will be there soon and we go on to explain they are going to be like The Queen and get two birthday parties this year! They even get a magic trick performed just for them! We are working alongside Zoom to deliver this amazing experience! We understand how difficult it can be to explain to your child why their party has been cancelled and we do this to put a positive spin on the situation!

There you have it! Thank you for reading and we hope these tips help you ensure your child get so celebrate their special day!

If you would like to read more about COVID-19 then please go to the NHS blog by clicking below.

If you think you or any of your family members are displaying symptoms then please take on NHS questions specifically created for the virus. Click the link below to go there.

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