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How To Make Sure People Turn Up To Your Child's Birthday Party

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Children love to feel special on their birthday, one way to make them feel special is to try and invite and encourage as many guests as possible to the party. Of course, it's most important to ensure that the day itself is fantastic, but it's even better when you have more people to share the special occasion with.

Ensuring Attendance at Your Child's Birthday Party

A larger quantity of people means more voices for the birthday song, more guests for the birthday child to play with and more fun! This in turn creates a more social and lively atmosphere which is what anyone wants for a birthday party ( your child will also get more birthday presents ), just to add.

Organise With Plenty Of Time Ahead!

One of the most important steps to making sure that your guests turn up for any party is to plan ahead. This involves settling on a date which is at least a month or two in advance. Organising a date more distant in the future (but not too distant, otherwise people will forget about it) will mean that possible guests are more likely to be free and keep that date in their calendar, so they do not plan anything for that day. In addition, it also gives you more time to book an entertainer and plan food, the venue and travelling arrangements.

Giving yourself more time to prepare relieves a lot of stress to rush to mould the party together all at once. You also need to be aware of any possibilities of potential difficulties with bookings. Many families have both parents working a job, requiring a clear time/date to allow them to arrange transport for their child in advance. Again, this will prevent them from flustering in panic and cancelling on you at the last minute. This point links in to the next one below.

Send Out Invitations And Make Sure They Are Well Informed!

There's nothing more inconvenient when you receive an invitation for a party but it doesn't state all the details that you need to know. To make sure this doesn't happen, book the venue as soon as possible, then send invitations straight after. Potential guests need to know all the information about the party, such as:

-The address of the venue

-What time to arrive and collect the kids

-The date

-Any food to be served

-What the party entails

Giving this information correctly on all invitations in advance will show the other parents that this is a genuine and well organised party. This shows them that you are trustworthy and that their children are being invited to a clearly planned and exciting party, making them more inclined to give their permission for their child to attend.

Tell Them What The Party Entails!

By making your party appealing to the other children, they will be more persuasive to their parents to let them come to the party. Children who are invited to a party that looks absolutely fantastic will never stop bothering their parents about the party - parents who are put under pressure from their children will give in (even the stubborn ones). Therefore, it's vitally important that you give the best presentation and details of the party on the invitation.

This next point may seem obvious, but send out as many invitations as you can. The more people you invite, then more people will show up. This could mean inviting your child's friends or it could even mean inviting their entire class, plus any siblings or friends outside of school.

Book Entertainers/Venue/Food As Soon As Possible Before Sending The Invitations Out!

Make sure you book everything before you send out the invitations. Booking needs to be one of the first steps in making sure people turn up to your child's party; the venue needs to be booked along with the entertainers so they can make sure that they have people on that day to entertain, etc.

It is also so that the entertainers themselves can prepare and arrive on time, whilst making sure they do not take any other bookings on the same day. You will need to make sure that any bookings for any services you require are available on the same day at the same time. It's no good having food booked one day and the venue booked on another. Chaos!

Make An Impression!

You can use the printable free invitations on the Non Stop Kids website; these invitations look bright and colourful whilst also being presentable. Giving the best first impression to the organisation of the party is key, people take note of how you come across and a great first impression can make all the difference.

When Non Stop Kids entertain at a party, we will make a fabulous first impression upon all of your guests. If you then decide to host another party in the future, your guests will be prepared for another great time and will be willing to arrive at your party above all the rest.

Choosing A Good Date/Time!

Choosing a convenient day is important, if you choose a day that is, or very close to annual holidays, then a good majority of your guests will be busy with holidays or family outings. Choosing a day that is in a time period where people are less busy and it is less busy, means your guests will be free and you are more likely to get the bookings you wish for, not to mention that you may save some expense. Most places charge less during the quieter periods of the year if you are lucky.

As for time, it is best to avoid the middle of the day, although you don't want to host a party at 8 0'clock in the morning either. Choosing a time where most people are at work, then they have the option of dropping the kids off and then heading off to wherever they may need to go, most people are busy during the middle of the day as they have their own tasks to continue with. Our childrens party entertainer have an additional blog that dives into deeper detail about what time slots are best to host a party. You are more than welcome to check out.

Choose A Good Local Area!

When booking a venue, try to book the nearest venue available to your local area. The reason for this is solely because it is inconvenient to be travelling long distances for a party, especially when many parents want somewhere nearby which is easy to access.

Give An RSVP For Your Guests To Get Back To You ASAP!

On the invitations, be sure to include your contact details so other parents can let you know whether they are available or not. This means you can book everything you need as early as possible.


And there you have it! Follow these simple tips and you are bound to have a bustling party for your child's birthday party! If you would like Non Stop Kids to provide the entertainment for your child's birthday party, we're more than happy to oblige! The banner below will take you to our website. Fill in a free no-obligation quote and we'll get back to you within the hour! Or if you're very keen, give us a direct call at 0333 301 3002!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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