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Kids Party Ideas | What to do for your Children's party

Updated: Jan 12

At Non-Stop Kids, we are the leaders in providing the best kids party entertainment in the U.K. Doing over 8,000 parties every year so we know a thing or two about running a children's party!

Children's Party Concepts | Creative Ideas for Your Kids' Celebration

Themed & Non-Themed Parties

There's quite a few things that you can do for a child's party. You could go for a themed party or you could go for a non-themed party. We offer 10 different Themed Party Packages but the themed party idea really depends on what the child loves. Are they into Pirate Themed Parties?, do they love a Unicorn Party? Or do they love SPACE & ALIENS?! Now, let's be honest, a themed party makes the party a lot more special for the children. They will be mesmerised from start (especially one of our themed parties). It is always good to lean towards something themed, so have a think about what your kid loves and get to work on theming the party towards that! You can also check out our regular Party Packages!

There are many places where you can buy decorations for your party. Decorations will mesmerise the kids as it is the first thing they see when walking into a party (trust me, I was a kid once I know!) and there are many places to buy your party supplies one place we would recommend is

Now let's talk about some more cheaper ideas...

House Party!

A house party along with an order of some pizza! 🍕 Nothing could be better in a child's eyes! They LOVE PIZZA. Not only would they love to have all of their friends over your house to go wild & eat pizza, but it is a very good option price wise. You are talking less than a £100 (it depends on how much pizza you get). On this budget it also gives you space to get your table decorations. You could even get some pre-filled party bags to go with it as a little handout for the kids at the end of the party!

Hire a local Village Hall

You will always find a village hall local to you. Usually the space in village halls are perfect for a kids party! You can hire village halls on the hour for anywhere in between £10-£25 but it all depends on the demand of the hall & the location! Village halls have loads of space and are brilliant for kids to just go wild! Some village halls even have stages, so you could even get a PA system and some music going on the stage or maybe even have a DJ or entertainer.

Bouncy Castles

Lets get this straight... Kids love bouncy castles! But as said in a recent Blog, we did slate bouncy castles, to be honest & say they work very well at a party WITHOUT an entertainer there. Usually the bouncy castle will get a lot of attention so that would be enough. However, this blog will give you a couple of things to think about when wanting to hire a bouncy castle.

The Local Play Barn or Wacky Warehouse!

Indoor play barns will keep the kids entertained for an hour or two! These are fantastic for a good 2 hours but bear in mind any hours after the kids will start to get bored. Play barns are good for a certain amount of time as they get very repetitive. How many times can 1 kid go down a slide before losing their mind?!

I read a blog recently on something similar & she said this

"And don’t get into the competitive party thing. I have seen it so often, a small fortune spent on the children’s party to impress the other mums or family or children or whoever. Remember your child will be happy with anything, they don’t care if the party cost £100 or £500."

I do & don't agree with this. No you definitely do not need to go over £300-£500 for your kids party. However, Your child will not be happy with anything especially once they get over the age of 5... unfortunately in this day and age your child will go to other parties and they will have different ideas of what they want & they may want to compete and have a better party than little James from school!

So you do need to consider the budget and if you do want to make it special then you most definitely want to be spending around £100-200. I don't believe you are going into competition with anyone I believe you want to throw the best party for your kid & we completely understand that.

If you guys have any ideas you'd like to share please share it in the comment section!

P.S. Why don't you save all the faffing around and give the biggest kids entertainment company in the U.K a call and let us do all the hard work for you! 👇👇👇

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