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Learning Magic With Non-Stop Kids | Kids Party Ideas

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

One of our most popular packages is our Wizards Workshop. In this amazing party package we teach and show the kids how magic works. Older kids especially want to see how magic works, and that's exactly what happens with our Wizards Workshop. We set up, run and host the party and much more. We kick off the show with our award-winning magic show that you would see famous magicians Dynamo or David Blaine perform on live TV.

Exploring Magic Tricks with Non-Stop Kids | Creative Kids' Party Concepts

After the magic show we will get really interactive when we start teaching magic tricks that the kids will learn easily. At Non-Stop Kids, we will even provide you with a list of what the children will need before the party. By the end of your party, all of the kids will have learned some fantastic magic tricks that they can perform for years to come. Magic alone is a great way to celebrate your children's birthday party but the best part about this package is it will develop a lot of kid's development skills.

Why Magic Is Amazing For Kids!

Great question! Kids learning magic will create so many opportunities and offer many benefits that will help them develop as they grow. Everyone loves magic and there is nothing more thrilling than the mystery of how a magic trick was completed. As you may have noticed with one of our parties, entertainers aren't exactly shy of confidence, especially ones who perform magic as well. Magic helps so much with a child's confidence because of the constant interaction with other people. Kids mastering a magic trick to showcase to their friends is a great confidence builder. Problem solving with the combination of magic really does do wonders for your kid's self esteem.

Building their communication is a great start! Younger children especially sometimes struggle with words and could take well over a minute just to finish a single sentence. But with magic helping to enhance their communication, they will understand the presentation and how to perform! Not only does this improve their communication for children but often with adults as well, developing their social skills. Having a handy trick up your sleeve is the perfect ice break when interacting with new people.

Another amazing factor is building your child's creativity. It's no secret that children's creativity is far superior to adults. What better way to improve their creative skills than with magic? Every magician starts by learning the simple basic tricks, but with more practice and rehearsals your children will grow more comfortable with magic and develop their own tricks. Creativity will develop and allow your kids to progress onto other projects. You can use household items to create dozens of magic tricks that will truly bobble the mind. In addition to their creativity it also develops their dexterity, teaching the kids how to think on their feet and bounce back from awkward situations.

Learning Magic Is Great!

A great way to start learning magic is with our Wizards Workshop Package. Kids love magic and this is the perfect place to start. Older children especially love magic and will use their new skills to impress friends and family. Magic is a great activity for your kids to get into and start developing their creativity, communication and other skills. Once they have grown comfortable with magic tricks and ready to improve their skills, there are amazing places out there to buy magic tricks for your children to practise and learn. Our childrens party entertainer has another great vlog with Craig where he discusses the best places to find magic for all ages.

Thanks for tuning into today's blog. Our Wizards Workshop is easily one of our most popular party packages. This amazing concept is great for older kids who love magic and want to learn how they are performed. We are more than happy to talk with you about our themed parties. Send us a contact form for a no obligation consultation or call us on 0333 301 3002.

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