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Are You Making Your Child’s Birthday Special? | Non-Stop Kids Childrens Entertainer

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Let's be honest, there are hundreds of options available out there when it comes to organising your child's party. You can have a Non-Stop Kids style party where you don't have to stress over anything and allow our entertainer to run the show. You hire out a village hall or have your party at home and have an entertainer come to perform. Another option is taking a small group of kids to a theme park or cinema. Likewise, there's also organising a child's party at a play barn or bowling alley.

Are You Creating a Memorable Birthday Experience for Your Child? | Non-Stop Kids Childrens Entertainer

You get the idea on how many options are available. But the most important thing for you to remember is the end goal. That's to make your child's birthday special. As the largest children's entertainment company within the country, we've performed thousands of parties and know exactly what to do.

How You Can Make A Child's Birthday Special?

The two most popular options are to book a childrens entertainer or go to a play barn/soft play centre. Of course, we are going to say hiring entertainment with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment is the best possible option you can make. We've performed thousands of parties and never let any of our clients down. We even have an additional blog that covers how we are different compared to a play barn.

The best way we can highlight why Non-Stop Kids are better than a play barn is based on a personal experience with our Director Craig. As a parent himself and a childrens entertainer, Craig knows better than anyone what makes a child's birthday party special. A couple of years ago on a Saturday, Craig took his son Ryland to a friend's birthday party. The party took place at a play barn. Everyone had a great time, no problems there. The next day, Ryland and his friend were invited to another birthday party hosted by Non-Stop kids, although they were unaware at the time. Once again, the kids had a great time.

After the party with Non-Stop Kids was over, Ryland's friend couldn't stop talking about how amazing the party was. He kept harassing his mother to get that same type of party for his next birthday party. The next day during the school run, Craig spoke to the friend's mother and she said all the parents of the kids from the NSK party were raving how amazing their party was. The mother didn't understand why the play barn party she organised didn't receive the same overexcited feedback as the NSK party did.

This is going to sound biased but the big reason why our party was so great is because of how amazing our entertainers are. But there is another reason included. The birthday party organised at the play barn simply wasn't special to begin with. It didn't have that wow factor that was included with our parties.

What Makes Non-Stop Kids Special?

That's an excellent question. The average child between the ages of 3 and 8 usually get taken to a play barn twice within a week. It's an easy thing that parents can do to help give their kids some down time and burn some energy. The problem is because they attend play barns so regularly, the organised party isn't a special one. It's just another day. Regardless of how fun a play barn party is, the kids will never rave about how amazing it was, nor will they bug their parents constantly asking if they can have the same experience. It's just going to be the very same play barn within a week.

Now compare that play barn experience to a party hosted by a Non-Stop Kids entertainer. How often has your child watched a live entertainment show over and over again to the point they wished they were in the audience? That's exactly what a party with Non-Stop Kids is like. The kids are now sitting inches from a real life entertainer. They get to interact with a show that's funny, magical and makes them laugh. As long as your entertainer is good, it makes sense your entertainer wants to see something similar again.


The key thing for you to remember is that a party experience with Non-Stop Kids is like nothing you have ever seen before. Going to a play barn party is something most kids have experienced time and time again. If you want your kid's party to be special and have everyone talking about it for years to come, you need to do something different and unique. We're more than happy to talk to you about hosting a child's party. Visit our website through the banner and we'll happily get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Alternatively, give us a call on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading.


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