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Midweek Children's Parties | Non-Stop Kids Children's Entertainment

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Let's be honest, most parents opt to have their children's birthday party on the weekend. It's the best way to guarantee you're free from any work responsibilities as well as giving yourself more time to get around. But what if we told you that midweek children's parties are becoming very popular?

Weekday Children's Celebrations | Non-Stop Kids Children's Entertainment

Our head office speaks to hundreds of parents every single week who are looking to book children's entertainment for their kid's birthday party. In the past, Saturdays and Sundays were the days everyone wanted. But we're finding that more and more parents are booking parties from Monday to Friday instead. We're going to break down why this is in today's blog.

More Guests Are Likely To Come!

Everyone assumes weekends are the best time slots because children won't be at school. While that is true to an extent, parents don't consider the possibility that parents might have plans to do family activities over the weekends. As a result they are less likely to attend. Ever since the pandemic, everyone is appreciating the outdoors much more and less likely to be staying at home on weekends. If you book a party in midweek, parents and children can relax from their busy day by attending a birthday party straight away.

More Entertainment Likely To Be Available!

As the largest children's entertainment within the country, it's no surprise the weekends are our busiest time slot. When parents want to book us for a weekend party within a couple of weeks, we have to turn them down because there's simply no weekend slots left. That's why midweek parties are becoming more popular. We're less likely to be fully booked within the middle of the week. This gives you more time to plan.

Cheaper Venues & Village Halls!

A lot of venues & village halls tend to have higher prices on the weekend because they know that's when most parties take place. Because they aren't expected to get many bookings within the middle of the week, their prices are sometimes much lower. This helps you to save costs on hiring a village hall.

Midweek Parties Are Great!

The fact of the matter is midweek children's parties are now more popular than ever. With Halloween and Christmas approaching very soon, bookings are swiftly filling up. We're encouraging everyone to book in as soon as possible, whether it's midweek or weekend parties. Our central office team is more than happy to speak with you. Call us on 0333 301 3002 or send in an enquiry form for a no obligation consultation. Thank you for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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