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New Package - Wizards Workshops

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Non Stop Kids Entertainment Officially Launch New Service

Award winning children's entertainers officially launch a new service 'Wizard Workshops' designed specifically for older children.

This new service will continue the trend set by Non Stop Kids Entertainment of providing innovative packages for older children - an area many entertainers will shy away from.

Non Stop Kids Entertainment are considered among the top children's entertainers in the UK. In 2012 three of their founding members won an award at The UK National Children's Entertainer of the Year Championships and each member of the team is taught the exact same award winning show. With over 10 team members and growing seemingly every day this fresh company is considered not just one of the best but one of the biggest.

"The fact is once your child reaches Key Stage 2, 3 and even 4 the options for birthday party entertainment is severely lacking" says Anna Leeds, Operations Director at Non Stop Kids Ltd. She continues "When children get to around 8 they don't just want to see magic they want to learn how it works. Artists like David Blaine, Dynamo and Troy have captivated the attention of the Nation and inspired an entire generation of children"

The Wizards Workshop package starts with a 'Dynamo Style' Street Magic show designed specifically for older children. After this the children are taught a variety of simple tricks using everyday objects. "The tricks we teach have been specially selected and use items such as coins, elastic bands, string, cups etc" says Craig Petty, Marketing Director. "This way when the kids leave the party they can show their friends and family what they learnt without having to buy expensive tricks" continues Craig.

Despite being developed for the birthday party market the team at Non Stop Kids Entertainment have found many schools have booked the package as well. "Schools love the fact that the package develops communication skills and raises self confidence" adds Anna.

Non Stop Kids Entertainment have proven time and again they are the leading force in the children's birthday party market. This innovation is just another reminder why they are considered the the number one choice for children's entertainment.

For more information about Wizards Workshops or Non Stop Kids Entertainment Ltd please contact

Craig Petty

Marketing Director

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