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One Hour Parties | Entertainers For Kids Party

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Unlike a lot of other entertainment companies out there, Non-Stop Kids Entertainment offers one hour service parties as part of our award winning packages. It's very easy for us to provide a one hour party while making sure everyone has a great party experience along the way.

One Hour Parties | Kids Party Entertainment

But we wanted to take this opportunity to talk to you about why two hours might be the better option for you and your child. Firstly, because the party is only for one hour, you won't get to experience the full hassle free experience we provide for you. If you do get the full magic show, we won't have time to play the party games. Our packages are designed with two hours in mind, allowing you to get the most fun out of them.

It's a lot more cost effective for two hours as well. From our experience performing one hour parties, most of our entertainers tell us the kids were having so much fun that they wished they could have stayed for another hour. A lot of kids' parties run for two hours. During the one hour mark, our entertainers would prepare for the next hour while the kids sat down to eat. Our kids party entertainer can incorporate a food break so you don’t have to do that separately. If you only have a one hour party, you would have to fill the gap yourself for the remainder of the party. The two hours give you more time to relax.

We Provide All The Entertainment!

While there is nothing wrong with having a one hour party, two hours definitely give you more value for entertainment. There's a lot more for the kids to see, you don't have to stress over filling any gaps and we'll make sure the birthday child is made to feel extra special. Everyone's a winner that way. If you would like to speak with us about a new or existing booking, use the banner below to fill in an enquiry form through the banner below or call us on 0333 301 3002.

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