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The Number One Reason Why You Should Use Non-Stop Kids - Vlog

Thanks for checking into today's vlog! Craig is a multi-award winning magician, performing all across the country and has published tons of DVDs. One thing to understand about Non-Stop Kids is our recruitment process. Joining the team as an entertain is no easy feat. Craig is responsible for all recruitment. This involves an initial telephone conversation before moving onto a in-person interview. We don't just take anyone, you have to be the best of the best. We need people to guarantee an amazing and magical time at their parties.

Craig has developed a custom show for each entertainer. Everyone has a unique show and you will never see the same type of show twice with us. We have a training website that is constantly updated with new tricks for our entertainers to adapt into their shows. Craig personally wants everyone to be the best of the best, performing magic that will blow the kids away. As a professional magician, Craig wants to make sure our magic show is nothing less than exceptional.

As a creator of magic, Craig is very proud of our award winning shows. We have had parents that have been impressed with our shows, not by accident but by design.The number one reason is because our magic shows are amazing. We personally promise you our entertainers will deliver the best magic show you will ever see that gets both the kids and adults engaged! We would love to talk to you about our amazing magician shows. If you would like to discuss our packages, get in touch now! We'll talk to you with a no-obligiation quote.

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