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Why Themed Parties Are Better Than Normal Parties! | Children's Entertainment

Updated: Jan 16

Non-Stop Kids are thrilled to be providing live children's entertainment once again. Thanks to the lockdown restrictions concluding within the country, we're providing more parties than ever before. If your children's birthday is approaching very soon and you're looking to provide a fantastic party experience, we highly recommend going with a themed party.

The Advantages of Themed Parties Over Standard Parties! | Children's Entertainment

Adding a theme to your children's party really does go the extra mile to show how much thought you have put into making their special day perfect. As well as thumbing their party to something they love, this is always the perfect opportunity to provide a unique experience like no other. Let's take a look at why themed parties are better than normal parties.

More Personalised For Your Child!

The big reason we encourage themed parties is because they can make the experience much more personalised for your children. All kids have a favourite topic. It could be their favourite hero, TV show, movie and even a TV show. Nothing would make their day more special than to have their birthday party themed to something they love. If your children are a massive fan of superheroes, go ahead and theme their birthday around superheroes. We even have our very own Superhero Party Package that's hosted by Captain Magic!

Develop New Skills!

A lot of our themed packages can teach your children lots of handy skills that will benefit your kids as they grow. One of our most popular packages is our Wizard Workshop. This package encourages children to learn magic tricks they can take home and keep forever. Magic has so many benefits that everyone can appreciate. Magic improves your children's communication skills, confidence and improves their creativity skills as well. Having a handy magic trick on hand can easily break the ice between meeting new friends as well.

Take Home A Special Friend!

How would you like your child to leave their birthday party with a special friend to keep forever? We teamed up with our amazing friends over at Teddy Tastic to provide all the children with their very own customised teddy bear. When you book our Teddy Tastic Package, all of the children are provided with everything they need to assemble their special friends. This includes the teddy bear, the bags of study, felt hearts and birth certificates. On the day of your party your entertainer will show the kids how to assemble their bears and use magic to bring them to life. Everyone will have their very own bear to keep forever, along with birth certificates that name their bears.

Encourages Teamwork!

One of the most important things your children will need to learn is teamwork. Through schools and eventually in work places, it's important everyone can come together and work towards an equal goal. This is one of the reasons our Alien Package is so popular. The kids are divided into two teams - Aliens and Defenders of the Earth. Everyone learns to work together in a series of high energy space themed party games and action dances. The whole concept motivates the kids to come together and learn how to become a team. This in turn encourages the importance of teamwork!

Themed Parties Are Incredible!

Thank you for checking out our new blog. The fact of the matter is themed parties are much more personalised compared to a normal party. They truly do go the extra mile to make your children's entertainment fantastic. Non-Stop Kids provide over 10 different themed party packages, each one offering a unique experience. Check them out and get in touch when you're ready to book. Send in an enquiry form or call our office directly. Both can be found in the banner below!


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