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Seven Frustrating Things You Never Get Told That Happen When You Host A Kids Party

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

As the largest children's entertainment within the country, it's safe to say we know a thing or two when it comes to kids parties. We specialise in making the experience hassle free for our clients while the kids all have a great party. Our entertainers provide all of the entertainment. All you need to do is feed fate kids and hand them their coats on the way out. Simple as that!

Unveiling Seven Unexpected Frustrations of Hosting a Kids' Party They Never Tell You About

However, it goes without saying that there are certain things that can cause frustration to the party organiser, who is responsible for putting everything together. While we take care of all the entertainment, there are still several aspects you will be forced to deal with. This includes dealing with the invitations, making small talk with other parents and much more.

What Can You Do To Avoid Stress?

Fortunately, we're here to help. In today's blog we are going to break down the seven most frustrating things that can happen when you are organising a kids party. Before we go any further, we just want to emphasize that the point of this blog isn't to put you off booking a children's entertainer. We just want you to understand the challenges of hosting a party and help you prepare for everything.

Getting Responses To Invitations Is A Nightmare!

It's always good to send out your invitations as soon as possible. But one of the biggest problems is trying to get the majority of parents to RSVP. It's next to impossible. You can give the invitations out at school, speak to the parents in person or even phone them up, but the end result is always the same - you hear nothing! Even more frustrating is when parents that haven't sent an RSVP will just turn up on the day unannounced.

Expect All The Kids To Be Sugar High!

Throughout the duration of your party (usually two hours or so), all of the kids will consume more sugar in one day than they normally do within an entire week! The party food is made up of nothing but sugary sweets and doughnuts. Let's not forget the birthday cake! As part of our children's entertainment, the kids will normally win lots of sweets during the party games we provide. And to put the icing on the cake (no pun intended) they will be given sweets within party bags afterwards. You get the idea. This sugar gives them way too much energy. Chances are within the evening you can expect tantrums, tears, kicking and screaming.

Small Talk With Other Parents Is Always Difficult!

Let's be honest, the majority of the adults at the party will have little to no familiarity with you. The only thing you have in common are your children. Chances are the most you have ever said to them beforehand is the occasional, "hello" and "good morning," as you rush your child into school. Having small talk with parents can be difficult.

You Will Become A Tea & Coffee Making Machine!

Jokes aside, the truth is you will spend the whole time throughout the party making endless cups of tea and coffee for other parents. Never underestimate how much coffee an adult can consume until this very moment. As a result you may not get a chance to watch much of the show because of how busy you will be kept.

There Will Always be more kids than you imagined!

A scary thought but one that is very true. There are always going to be more kids than you imagined for different reasons. Firstly, you will have parents bringing siblings and asking if they can join in. At that point you can't really say no. Secondly, going back to one of our previous points, the parents arrived unannounced. This can be incredibly annoying, especially if you have spent time working out the correct amount of food and space for the parents that actually responded.

Expect Parents To Disappear!

This is more likely to happen during an afternoon party. You can expect the dads (and some of the moms) to disappear from the party. Dads will always find sports more entertaining than a kids party. These days you can watch most football games on a smartphone. Don't be surprised if a whole group of dads suddenly disappear within a few minutes into the party.

Expect Your Child To Be Given The Same Present Multiple Times!

Maybe your child's friend's parents have psychic abilities, maybe they shop at the same place as you or maybe it's because this particular toy is trending at the moment. Regardless of which possibility, there is always going to be one present that you will end up with numerous times. The best advice is to deal with it. It's inevitable it will help.


And there you have it. Seven frustrating things that will happen at your child's birthday party. While we can't stop these things from happening, our children's entertainers can help by running and hosting all of the entertainment for you. We bring our own state of the art equipment, take care of all the entertainment and make sure all of the children are included. If you would like to receive a no obligation consultation, visit our website through the banner below to fill in the form. We will get back to you ASAP. Or if you prefer, call us at 0333 301 3002.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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