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Tips To Keep Your Children Entertained & Active During Lockdown

Hello everyone! We may be in lockdown but that isn't going to stop Non-Stop Kids from delivering amazing children's entertainment ideas for you! In today's blog we are going to talk some concepts for your kids to do at home, developing their creative & logical thinking and more!

Tips To Keep Your Children Entertained & Active During Lockdown!

Virtual Party Entertainment!

Firstly, consider having a virtual party with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment. We may be on lockdown but that doesn’t stop Non-Stop Kids doing what they do best! We now have a virtual party package live and it’s already received an amazing response from parents! With this amazing party package our entertainers can continue to perform our award winning magic show and other amazing factors live for you! While watch our parties live, you can invite up to one-hundred of your friends and family to take part as well, creating a huge audience for your kids birthday.

Our entertainer will begin in advance, set up own equipment take care of all the entertainment while you sit back. All you need to do is feed the kids during the process, no hassle involved and everyone's a winner! Virtual parties are an amazing party package to use and whenever or not you prefer the live entertainment, the important thing to remember is you still get an amazing interactive party at the end of the day. Even better, after the party has ended you get to download that virtual party for your children to see for many years! This will also allow you to show other parents what a virtual party is like from experience.

Keep Active With Physical Practise!

Of course, none of us our allowed to leave our homes but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep physically active from home. There are plenty of options for you to do to keep your children active. Did you know something as simple as playing catch can help? Throwing and catching a ball between each other keeps coordination going while keeping the brain stimulated.

If your children are sports enthuasists you can set up cones across the garden and play football. Even better, you could get your children to create their very own obstacle course. A race track, for example. It’s a great way to keep the kids physically active while simultaneously developing their creativity skills.

Creativity Fun!

Creativity is an important trait for a child. It develops their logical thinking and solution to problems in the future. It’s something they definitely shouldn’t neglect and it’s important they keep going. There are tons of options out there that helps keep that creativity going. Arts & crafts is a great way to create something they like. They might decide to paint or draw topics they like to design. It might even be a painting of somewhere they are familiar with or remember. Painting and drawings are great to keep that flow going as well.

Creativeness is important for a child for their future and we want to ensure that remains the case. An amazing group to join on Facebook for further creative are ideas is Free Home Based Kids Entertainment Ideas. Since its creation we already have over 700 members and will continue to expand with on a daily basis! Everyone has shared some amazing ideas for our kids to do while they are stuck at home. We've had creative arts & crafts, fun science experiments with homemade items, puppet shows and that's just a name a few of many!

Fun Puzzles!

In addition to staying creative you also want to make sure all of your children are staying educated as well. That doesn’t mean education has to be boring. Puzzle based games such as word searches and crosswords are a fun way to get the kids thinking while simultaneously getting the kids to use their logical thinking.

We also have puzzle based races. If you have more kids at home, considering some puzzle races. You could create an interactive story where there’s a treasure somewhere within the house, but to find it the kids will have to work together. Each can be given a piece of puzzle and together they must work out the answer. It builds their logical thinking, teaches teamwork and overall fun to do!


Finally, for a daily series of activities, check out NSK TV! Every day from 8AM - 6PM we have award winning entertainment shows for your little ones to watch! We have Magic Shows every day at 12PM! For the younger ones we do Tiny Tots Chill Down Times! We also make education fun with Maths Time and Science Experiments! All of our entertainers are absolutely amazing and guarantee to keep your children entertained during this self-isolation period! While we keep them busy you can sit back and enjoy cuppa!

Thanks for reading today’s blog! If you would like a virtual party for your kid's birthday give us a call at 0333 301 3002! Or alternatively send a no obligation form via the banner below!

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