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Two Hour Parties Are The New One Hour Parties

Parties used to be one hour because they were often held in backyards or small venues. Parents would organise simple games and activities to keep the children entertained, but the party would often feel rushed and chaotic. Now, with the rise of indoor play centres and larger venues, parents have more options when it comes to party planning. Two hour parties provide more time for children to play and enjoy themselves, without feeling like they have to rush through the activities.

Introducing The Trend: Extended Party Celebrations Take Over One-Hour Events

The additional hour allows for more activities to be included, making the party more engaging and exciting. At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, we offer a range of packages for two hour parties that include activities such as magic shows, puppet shows, balloon modelling, and games. Our entertainers are trained to keep children engaged and entertained for the full two hours, ensuring that everyone has a great time.

Another benefit of two hour parties is that they provide more time for parents to relax and socialise. With one hour parties, parents often feel rushed and stressed, trying to keep up with their children and keep the party moving. With two hour parties, parents can sit back and enjoy the party, knowing that their children are in good hands with our professional entertainers.

Let's take our Hassle Free Package. Our childrens party entertainer specifically designed this party package to work for two hours. While it isn't a problem for us to rework it as a one hour party, you won't be able to experience the full hassle free value we provide. The package normally includes an award winning magic show, high energy party games and much more. If we only do one hour, our entertainer won't have time to play the party games.

Two Hours Are Amazing!

Overall, two hour parties are becoming more popular for a reason. They provide more time for children to have fun, offer a wider range of activities, and allow parents to relax and enjoy the party as well. If you're planning your child's birthday party, we highly recommend opting for a two hour party. At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, we're dedicated to making every party unforgettable, no matter how long it lasts!


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