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Unicorn Parties | Celebrate Kid's Parties With A Unicorn Expert

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

How would your child and their friends love to go hunting for unicorns with a real life Unicorn Exert as a special birthday party? With our brilliant Unicorn Themed Party, our entertainer will run the whole show as your very own Unicorn Handler Expert. They create the perfect atmosphere as they get ready to provide a one in a lifetime party.

Enchanting Unicorn Parties | Celebrate Kids' Parties with a Unicorn Enthusiast

Our Unicorn Expert arrives at least 30 minutes in advance, giving plenty of time for them to get ready. As soon as everyone has arrived, the entertainer kicks off the show with a brilliant award winning magic and puppet show. The whole show is fully interactive and includes everyone who will be attending your party. No one will ever be missed out with the birthday child being made to feel extra special on their amazing day.

All the tricks and routines we play are designed around unicorns. Throughout the show the children will learn how to use magic to catch a unicorn. We can even make a cuddly unicorn appear by magic! Following the magic we will also play high energy party games with the kids as well as action dances and dance competitions. We have designed our party games to work for all ages. On some occasion we have even had parents partake in the fun as well!

As well as the party games, all of the music we will play throughout the party is themed to unicorns. For your peace of mind, the music will play radio edited songs. If there is anything you would like us to play/remove, just let us know. Throughout your party your Unicorn Expert will teach all the children everything they need to know about becoming an expert themselves. They will learn how to spot, catch and even care for a unicorn themselves!

Fantastic Unicorn Experience!

Our unicorn birthday party is super fun and one of our most unique packages. If you would like to speak with us more about a unicorn themed party, all you need to do is use the banner below to send us an enquiry form. Or you can call us on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading today's blog. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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