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The Joys Of Partaking In A Virtual Party | Virtual Party Experience With Katie!

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Ever since Non-Stop Kids Entertainment introduced our Virtual Party Package we have received nothing but positive reviews from thousands of parents across the country. No one could have predicted we would be celebrating children's birthday parties virtually but now we've come to see how amazing they are and the unique benefits you couldn't find at a live party!

Embracing the Delights of Virtual Parties | Unforgettable Virtual Party Experience with Katie!

Our amazing entertainers love performing for children's birthday parties. We always give 110% and strive to make your party a hassle free experience. We have recently got to sit down with our entertainers and hear their experiences when it comes to performing a virtual birthday party. Today we spoke to Katie who has performed hundreds of virtual parties and has much to say!

Bringing Friends & Family Together!

"Virtual parties have brought me so much joy! Not only do I get to continue doing a job I love, but I get to work with even more clients from all over the country. Parties in person are fun, but there is something so special about getting to connect family and friends during challenging times and having a ton of fun whilst doing it!"

And she couldn't be more right! Just because we're in lockdown doesn't mean we can't see our friends or family anymore. Virtual parties bring everyone together from different parts of the country. We have even had guests who live overseas attend. The best part is no one has to worry about leaving early to avoid afternoon traffic. Everyone will be attending at home. All you need to join is a smart device with internet connection!

You're In Full Control!

"I also think a huge upside of Zoom and this sort of technology is that the client gets to be in control - you don’t have to worry about it not going to plan or people not showing up or children becoming overwhelmed because there’s just not that kind of pressure or expectation online. We’re just there to entertain and give you a helping hand and hopefully provide some comedic relief for an hour or so!"

That's right! We have performed at thousands of live parties at hundreds of venues and village halls. Most of the time you have to adhere to their rules. There was also the stress of making sure to find a location that wasn't already booked and was within reasonable distance for the rest of your children's guests. A big advantage to a virtual birthday party is you're in charge. When you book one of our virtual parties we run the whole show for you while you can sit back and enjoy a hot beverage. You don't need to worry about making sure the kids & adults have something to eat and drink!

A Hassle Free Experience!

Virtual parties are fantastic and easily take the hassle right out of your children's birthday party. We love performing parties and can't wait to provide even more! Check out our Virtual Packages and get in touch when you find the right one for your kid's birthday. You can send us a no-obligation form or call us on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for checking out today's blog. We'll speak to you soon!

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