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We Will Never Let You Down - A Non-Stop Kids Promise

Everyone has heard the horror stories of being let down by their children’s entertainment. It’s a terrible situation and not something we would wish on anyone. Your children’s birthday party is something they’ve been looking forward to for ages, especially when you’ve told them in advance they are going to have a great birthday party. If your original entertainer cancels on you, that can cause buckets of stress you simply don’t need.

Our Promise: Unwavering Support For You

The great news is you have come to the right place! We are Non-Stop Kids, the largest children’s entertainment within the UK! We have provided over 10,000 parties just last year alone. But most importantly we have never, not once, ever let anyone down. We’re not just some plumbers in the middle of the week who perform at kids parties on the weekend for a bit of extra pocket money. Kids entertainment is our passion, it’s something we take great pride in. We absolutely love making children’s birthday parties special and remembered for all the right reasons.

We’re a national company with some of the greatest children’s entertainers within the country. The big advantage with being a national company is as well as having a huge team of entertainers, we also have a cover team. This means if one of our entertainers cannot make it to your party for illness or personal reasons, we’ll have another entertainer on standby to cover! We work with some of the largest themed parks out there such as Drayton Manor Hotel. Their standards are very high and they wouldn’t just have anyone perform. They accept the best of the best!

So, you might be wondering why other entertainers out there aren’t as passionate? The problem is a lot of entertainers out there work solo and only perform at parties when it's convienent for them. More often than not, parents get in touch with us to let us know their originally entertainer has cancelled on them and ask if we can help on such short notice. We do our absolute best to help them, but sometimes it simply isn’t possible. One-man band entertainers don’t have the resources to cover their gigs if they fall ill or have a family emergency. Likewise, it is not uncommon that the entertainer cancelled because they simply accepted a better paying party. That’s really inconsiderate and it’s something we would never do.

Don’t Worry About A Thing!

We will never let you down. We’ve always gone above and beyond to ensure everyone has a fantastic birthday party experience. Over 97% of parents recommend us to a friend or family member. You can check out our reviews and then get in touch when you are ready to secure us for your children’s birthday party! All you need to do is use the banner below to visit our website and fill out an enquiry form. Or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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