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What Characteristics Are Desirable For A Children’s Entertainer?

Children’s entertainers have a multitasking job of possessing and displaying many good character traits which appeal to both the parents and the children. As an entertainer, it’s extremely important that they do present themselves professionally; but when we say professionally we mean the way you would expect them to behave according to the type of work they do.

Why Are Characteristics Desirable?

Performing as an entertainer is more than just understanding the job. It's knowing how to present yourself while doing so. Imagine watching an entertainer perform live. Sure, they can do their job well, but imagine if they sounded bored and uninterested all the way through. It creates negative energy and shows their motivation isn't strong. There are many characteristics to look out for and expect from a children’s entertainer.


Every entertainer needs to remain positive. This is especially important when an entertainer needs to be firm with a disruptive child within a party. The child needs to be dealt with in a firm but yet gentle manner; the entertainer must remain positive to keep the party spirit going and positivity makes children react better than negative reinforcement. If you have an entertainer who is not positive then you will notice their attitude will bounce off the customers who will not be impressed in the slightest.

Calm Yet Exciting!

What we mean by this is that the entertainer can remain calm during a stressful situation where there’s lots going on at the same time; yet they can handle it smoothly whilst still smiling and remaining charismatic and intriguing, engaging and holding the attention of the children.


Confidence is key in being an entertainer so you can really shine throughout the performance; this is crucial to deal with problematic situations calmly and effectively. You also need to be able to present yourself accurately and confidently, giving off the characteristic you want to give out. Entertainers who are not confident in themselves will generally give off that aura and generally perform weakly compared to those who are confident.


Being energetic really is important when it comes to being an entertainer as they need to keep the children on their feet and dancing around, the kids will otherwise be bored. Any parent will know the attention spam of a child is very low and they will lose interest in something very quickly if it's not exciting to them. If your energy levels are at an all time low then your bouncy, enthusiastic image won’t last very long and your customers will soon get bored.


Sometimes you just need that little bit of weirdness to help you along. It has a surprisingly good effect on people and the more you present yourself and be the true quirky one that you are, the people will be enticed by you as well as become comfortable in your presence.

These are some of the characteristics that can be useful to you if you are employed within the entertainment industry. Remember that it is important to have that brilliant, fun characteristic in order to bond with your fellows. Engagement is what it’s all about in the entertainment industry especially when working with children; not being engaging enough can really have a massive impact on how well you do as an entertainer.

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