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What To Expect At A Non-Stop Kids Party? | NSK Children's Entertainers

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Have you ever debated securing a children's entertainer for your kids upcoming party, but you have no idea what to expect? Then great news, you've come to the right place! As the largest children's entertainment within the country, it's safe to say we know a thing or two about making sure kids have a great time. We provide children's entertainers for birthdays, fun days, company events and even at Drayton Manor Hotel.

Anticipating Your Experience at a Non-Stop Kids Party | NSK Children's Entertainers

You get the idea. We're a huge company and very passionate about providing a great party experience. This is why we wanted to take the time to talk you through what a common party experience with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment is like. In this case, let's take our Hassle Free Package. It's easily our most popular package and the one most parents opt to go for. There's a clue in the name: it's hassle free for you!

Now, the process starts by the day of your booking. You'll get in touch with our central office and secure one of our amazing children's entertainers. To make sure we have availability for your ideal day and time, your best bet is to call in at least two - three months in advance just to be on the safe side. We really are that busy. The entertainment industry as a whole has exploded since lockdown ended.

Once you're all booked in and secured, we'll maintain regular contact all the way up to the day of your booking. One day before your party, our entertainer will contact you to briefly introduce themselves and let you know they are looking forward to providing a great experience for your child's party. On the day of your party, our entertainer will arrive 30 minutes ahead of your booking to introduce themselves in person and set up everything to create a fantastic atmosphere for the kids to walk into. We bring state of the art party equipment. This includes a PA system, party props, prizes & sweets and much more.

What do you need to do from here? Simple: feed the kids halfway into the party and hand them their coats on the way out. Our entertainer will take care of everything from an entertainment point of view. Our Hassle Free Package includes an award winning magic show, high energy party games, action dances and much more. We'll provide non-stop interaction with all of the kids and even get the birthday child to help make a very special magic fun. Best of all, no one is ever excluded from the fun. The party games we play are specifically designed to be non-elimination. All of the children will have a great party experience, you won't have anything to be stressed about and our entertainer will take care of everything. Everyone's a winner!

The Number One Children's Entertainment!

And there you have it! A common Non-Stop Kids party experience and that's just our Hassle Free Package. We're super happy to be able to share this experience with everyone and can't wait to provide an amazing party for your child's birthday. We'd love to talk to you about securing your kid's party. All you need to do is use the banner below to visit our website and fill out an enquiry form. Or alternatively, call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thank you for reading today's post. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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