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Why Themed Parties From Non-Stop Kids Entertainment Are A Must-Have For Your Child's Next Party

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Are you looking for a fun and memorable way to celebrate your child's special day? Look no further than Non-Stop Kids Entertainment's themed parties! Our alien invasion, unicorn, pirates, and superheroes parties are all the rage with kids and parents alike. Our themed parties offer an exciting and unforgettable experience for your child's birthday party.

Unveiling the Must-Have Magic: Why Themed Parties from Non-Stop Kids Entertainment are Perfect for Your Child's Next Celebration

We understand that parents want their child's special day to be a celebration to remember, and we work hard to make that happen with our themed parties. Our parties are designed to spark your child's imagination and transport them to a world of adventure and fun. With a range of themes to choose from, including alien invasion, unicorn, pirates, and superheroes, there's something for every child's taste.

Alien Invasion!

For kids who love space, aliens, and adventure, our Alien Invasion party is the perfect choice. Our friendly and interactive entertainers will lead the kids through a series of challenges and games as they work to save the planet from an alien invasion. Or maybe the aliens will win and successfully conquer the planet? With cool challenges and party games, this party is sure to leave a lasting impression. Older kids especially love this party!


Is your child a lover of all things magical and whimsical? Then our Unicorn Party is the one for you. Our entertainers will transform your home or venue into a magical experience where the kids can participate in enchanting activities such as searching for unicorns and even using magic to make a cuddly unicorn appear! Our unicorn themed games and music will keep everyone entertained for hours!


Ahoy, mateys! If your child has a sense of adventure and loves the idea of searching for treasure, our Pirates Party is the perfect fit. Our swashbuckling entertainers will take the kids on a great adventure, featuring pirate themed games, action dances, and so much more! This party is sure to be a hit with your little buccaneers.


Every child dreams of having superpowers and saving the day. Our very own Superhero Themed Package brings that dream to life. With our caped and masked entertainers leading the way, the kids will engage in superhero-themed activities such as high energy party games, an award winning magic show, and dance competitions! With action packed games and activities, this party is perfect for your little superheroes-in-training

Theme Parties Are Fantastic!

Our themed parties offer something for everyone, and they're a guaranteed way to make your child's special day unforgettable. Our entertainers are skilled at engaging kids of all ages, and we take care of every detail, from the entertainment to the music and games. Don't wait any longer to book your child's dream party!


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