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Why We Don’t Dress As Clowns

Non Stop Kids Entertainment perform at over 7500 parties a year. On a typical weekend we have dozens of performers attending hundreds of parties throughout the U.K. Although each one of our performers has a different show, has a different style and performs different tricks there is one constant throughout - the way we dress.

Why Are Attires So Important In A Party?

If you have seen our social media or our website you will know how we dress. All our performers wear a brightly coloured T-Shirt with a giant version of our super colourful logo in the middle. This is normally matched with a pair of dark trousers or jeans. There are exceptions and that's when we attend a themed party while dressed to match the theme. For example, at a pirate party we will dress as a pirate. However, generally you will see us dressed in the same outfit.

Occasionally we get clients asking if we supply clowns or if we can dress as a clown and our answer is always "no". In this blog, we're going to explain the reasons why we wear what we wear and why we won’t dress as a clown for your child’s party.

We Specialise In Parties With Mixed Ages Of Children

We regularly perform at events such as Christenings, Holy Communions and Weddings. At these sort of events you will find there are a very wide age range of children. Most children’s entertainers don’t like performing for mixed ages and some will flat out refuse. Because of our experience performing at places like Alton Towers and Drayton Manor, we have no problem performing for mixed ages.

The problem is if you dress as a clown it can cause a couple of problems. If older kids see a clown, they will think it’s babyish and therefore will not engage with the entertainer and becomes harder to win the older children over. This is never an issue with the way we dress. We come across as fun and exciting without being babyish.

Younger Children Can Sometimes Be Scared Of Clowns

Before we get deep into this subject, we'd like to point out that some of the best entertainers in the world are clowns and there is nothing to be scared of. However, due to the popularity of ‘scary clowns’ some younger children can find watching a traditional clown a little scary. A lot of children’s entertainers in the U.K. who are dressed as clowns in the past are now updating their image for various reasons.

The perfect example is Justin Fletcher who shot to fame as Mr Tumble in the CBBC Show, Something Special. Mr Tumble was at one point one of the most famous clowns in England. In 2014, the BBC stopped making Something Special and Justin Fletcher concentrated on a new show called Justins House. This also stared Justin Fletcher and he played himself dressed in normal clothes. The BBC was clever enough to love their product with the times and move towards the style of entertainment Non Stop Kids Entertainment specialise in.

We Specialise In Family Entertainment

It’s generally accepted that a clown is hired to entertain children. However, we consider our shows family shows. We want the parents present at our parties to enjoy the show as much as the kids. The way we dress goes a big way to making sure that all the adults in the audience understands the show is for them as well and not just for the kids. Having a clown present will simply take away that engagement for adults.

Non Stop Kids Entertainment Is A National Company

When you see a popular brands such as 'McDonalds' you recognise it from a long way away because of the ‘Golden Arches’. You also know that wherever in the world you travel to, if there is a McDonalds there it will look the same.

In the same way Non Stop Kids Entertainment is a brand as well. Our brand is associated with places like Alton Towers, Drayton Manor, PWC, Kent Life, etc. We have many people book us because they recognise our brand and understand it delivers a very high quality experience. You can watch a Non Stop Kids Entertainer in Kent and they will look the same and the package will follow the same format as an entertainer in Manchester.

What we wear and the look of our entertainers is important to reinforce that brand. We are a young company, with most our entertainers age ranging between 20-30 and their outfits dots with that type of entertainment.

Clowns Are Old Fashioned

We don’t particularly agree with this viewpoint but public perception is that clowns are old fashioned. This is not 100% true and can be argued either way. There are actually clown conventions and some modern clowns are amazing. However, there are also some cheaper entertainers that dress up as clowns, who look and more importantly act, old fashioned. Unfortunately, this is what people think of when they see a clown. It doesn’t help that clowns are associated with circuses which are also considered a dying form of entertainment. At Non Stop Kids Entertainment, we like to think of ourselves as modern and up to date. To go back to point 4, it’s part of our brand. Dressing as a clown would damage that brand.


So there you have it! To be honest, if you are looking at booking a clown there are several places you can look into. The important thing for you to consider is the quality of the entertainment you hire. You can read our blog on the dangers of hiring a bad entertainer.

However, if you want a modern high energy hassle free party we can help. Please visit out contact page via the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Or give us a call on 0333 301 3002. We look forward to hearing from you!

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