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Virtual Science Party

Suitable for ages: ALL ages

Party length: 30, 45, 60 OR 90 Minutes

Number of children: 100 Max

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If your child loves experimenting with science then this is the perfect party package for you. Non Stop Kids Entertainment are proud to present their virtual science workshops. Everything in this package works virtually online. It means that your child and all of their friends can have amazing fun with science experiments without even having to leave the house. The great thing is we do everything for you you don’t have to worry about a thing.


The party is hosted by a mad Professor who will be showing and teaching all of the amazing science experiments to your children. They will be following along with us as we show them things that they have never seen before. The great thing is everything they do is using objects that they can find around the house. We can even send you a list of what the children that are attending your virtual party will need beforehand so they can follow along.


The virtual science party is one of our newest packages and it is already becoming one of our more popular ones. If you want something different for your child’s birthday then book one of our amazing science workshops.

30 mins session - With a 30 minute science workshop we start with a warmup talking to the kids about science. A lot of the time children don’t understand how important sciences day to day. After this we demonstrate several scientific experiments to the children. All experiments are designed to be fun, engaging, interactive. The experiments are divided into two types. The first type of experiments are things that the children can try at home. For example making lava lamp out of Alka-Seltzer and a pop bottle or making slime etc. The other type of experiments are ones that children find really cool to watch but they wouldn’t try at home. For example making a fireball and shooting a laser. At the end we get everyone to sing happy birthday.

60 mins session - There are two options with the 60 minute session. The first option would be to run a science workshop for 60 minutes. This would be the same as the 30 minute session but we would have more time to present more experiments and make the sessions more interactive. For younger children you might want to break things up with a bit of variety. In this case a great option would be to start with a 30 minute magic show that is themed to science and then move straight into a 30 minutes science workshop. Both options are great it just depends if you want to break up the session or not. At the end of the party regardless which option you go for we sing happy birthday to the birthday child.

90 mins session - With a 90 minute session break the party up into two sections. In the first section we start with science themed magic show and play some high energy party games. Then we give the kids a 10 minute break for food and chat. Then in the second section we present a 40 minute science workshop teaching kids awesome science experiments they can do at home. We could run a science workshop for the whole 90 minutes but this would have to be for older children. Younger children wouldn’t have the attention span which is why we break it up. At the end we get everyone to sing happy birthday


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