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Virtual Superhero Party

Suitable for ages: ALL ages

Party length: 30, 45, 60 OR 90 Minutes

Number of children: 100 Max

Starting from
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Non Stop Kids Entertainment are proud to present their virtual superrhero party package.

Our virtual superhero party is hosted by Captain Magic. Captain Magic welcomes & creates the perfect party atmosphere as soon as the children enter the virtual showroom!


When all the children have arrived into the virtual showroom we can get started with the virtual superhero party. Captain Magic kicks things off with an award winning comedy magic show. This is a fully interactive show where all the children are involved all the way through. We will always make sure that the birthday child gets to help with a special trick! Yes we can still do that virtually!

In the virtual superhero party we play high energy party games from start to finish all themed to superheros! All games are non-elimination so no child will feel left out.

You will be blown away by how interactive our virtual superhero party is. All of our virtual party packages are as good as a live show and the virtual superhero party package is simply spectacular.

Availability is limited so contact us ASAP to check availability and to receive a no obligation quote. 


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