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Why You Should Book In Advance | Children's Entertainment

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Have you ever been concerned about booking too early? Don't be silly. You can never secure your children's entertainment too early. In fact, we always encourage parents to go ahead and secure our services as soon as possible. Since social restrictions within the country have concluded, we're receiving more enquiries than ever to make up for parties that couldn't go ahead because of lockdown. As a result we are now very busy, especially during the seasonal holidays.

The Benefits of Advance Booking | Children's Entertainment

We're thrilled to be performing live again, but one thing we hate is having to turn people away. Our diaries get so full that we simply don't have the time slots to accommodate everyone. More often than not, parents who have been let down by another entertainment company come to us on short notice. We do our absolute best to accommodate everyone, but sometimes it simply isn't possible. That's why we wanted to take this time to talk about why you should book your kids entertainment early.

Give Yourself Peace Of Mind!

There's nothing worse than imagining all of the worst possibilities. Booking early gives you that reassurance your child's entertainment is secured and ready to go. From there all you need to do is simply wait for your child's special day to arrive. With that at the back of your mind for the time being, this gives you time to focus on other aspects. Rest assured you can book Non-Stop Kids with confidence.

You Save Lots Of Stress!

Who likes stress? We don't, especially when it can be easily avoided. Booking your entertainment right will guarantee lots of hassle saved in the long run. We speak to hundreds of parents every single week who are already booking their entertainment all the way to April 2022. Securing it early is half the job done.

Change Your Details Afterwards!

While booking everything as soon as possible will reduce the chances of making alterations, there is always the possibility something will change at the last minute and you'll need to alter some of your entertainment plans. This could be the location of your child's party, the date & time or even a change in the package you booked. Once you have got your booking secured you can contact us afterwards if you need to make any changes. We'll do our best to accommodate your booking with us.

No Risk Of Poor Entertainment!

What's worse than no kids entertainment? A poor one. More often than not we have been contacted by parents who have been let down by their other kids entertainment company and ask if we can quickly accommodate them on short notice. We do our best to help everyone and while there have been times we've managed to squeeze an entertainer in, sometimes it's just not possible. We're a national company with over one hundred entertainers spread across the country.

The problem with a lot of other entertainment companies out there is they are one man bands. That means they work exclusively on their own. If they get sick, have an emergency or simply decide they liked another gig better, that means they don't have the resources to accommodate you with another entertainer. One of the problems with leaving your booking till the last moment means the only entertainment available at the time might be someone who lets you down on the day. That's the last thing we want anyone to experience.

Book Now For Reassurance!

You understand now why we encourage everyone to secure their children's entertainment as soon as possible. Booking now for any date within the next 12 months. Use the banner below to visit our website and send in an enquiry form for a no obligation consultation. Or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading today's blog.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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