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Non-Stop Kids Case Study - Anderton Day Nursery, Lancashire

At Non-Stop Kids, we're all about creating amazing experiences for kids, and there's no limit to our dedication. That’s why we wanted to take the time to tell you the story of one of our amazing clients Kim Swarbrick and how we added a burst of fun to their end-of-year celebration at  Anderton Day Nursery. Join us as we explore the adventure of bringing laughter and joy to these little ones!

Our Valued Client!

Kim Swarbrick, a wonderful client from Anderton Day Nursery, approached Non-Stop Kids to elevate their end-of-year celebrations. Recognising the importance of specialised entertainment to ensure a stress-free and memorable event, Kim sought to enhance the party atmosphere with the professional flair that only seasoned entertainers like Tanya could provide.

Choosing Excellence!

Non-Stop Kids emerged as the natural choice for Kim, acknowledging the need for entertainment specialists in creating stress-free and enjoyable experiences. While the educational staff excelled in academics, Non-Stop Kids offered a bespoke solution for events like year-end parties, ensuring a perfect balance of educational and entertaining elements.

What We Executed!

Going the extra mile, our objective was to provide a tailor-made 2-hour entertainment package perfectly attuned to the vibe of each year-end celebration. Customising our offerings to match the specific ambiance of any occasion, the Tiny Tots Party Package, with its blend of magic, interactive storytelling, and high energy party games, emerged as the ideal fit for this lively event. 

Our awesome entertainer, Tanya, grabbed everyone's attention the moment she walked in, creating an atmosphere of wonder and excitement. Tanya's unique talent for connecting with kids through lively performances makes her stand out. Her dedication to sparking imagination and laughter guarantees that every event she's at becomes an unforgettable experience.

The party kicked off with a fantastic magic show, blending tricks with captivating story elements for a magical and visually awesome experience for the kids. Shifting to party games added an extra layer of excitement, featuring games where no one gets left out. Our high-energy party games are designed to infuse an extra dose of excitement, encouraging active participation and ensuring that every child, from the smallest to the tallest, is fully engaged in the fun-filled festivities.

Acknowledging the diverse audience, we tailored the Tiny Tots Package to engage not only the children marking the end of the school year but also their siblings. This thoughtful approach cultivated inclusivity, enabling families to enjoy the entertainment together during the end-of-year party.

The Grand Finale!

On the big day, Tanya wowed the kids with the magic show, turning the end-of-year bash into a magical wonderland filled with joy. Her presence had everyone, kids and adults alike, hooked from start to finish! The party games were a hit, echoing with laughter and excitement.

Kim Swarbrick was over the moon. Tanya's stellar performance became the highlight of the day, infusing an atmosphere of pure joy and excitement. The feedback not only praised the entertainment but also gave props to Tanya's charm, talent, and her knack for connecting with the kids beyond expectations.

What They Said!

"Tanya was great. She was fun and kept the children entertained. We also had great feedback from the parents! She was very well organised. Arrived in plenty of time- over an hour before the start time! She was professional and friendly. Super entertainer!”

At Non-Stop Kids, we're experts at delivering top-notch entertainment for pre-school-age kids. Tanya is just one of our fantastic entertainers, showing off not only her magical skills but also her awesome ability to connect with and entertain younger kids. Our commitment to delivering awesome experiences shines through in every performance, turning regular celebrations into unforgettable memories.

Conclusion: Making Every Celebration Awesome

Non-Stop Kids specialises in providing top-tier entertainment for pre-school-age kids, with entertainers who know how to engage and amuse the younger crowd. Make your little ones' next event stress-free and unforgettable by hitting us up at 0333 301 3002 or filling out an inquiry form. Let Non-Stop Kids bring the magic to your next celebration in Anderton, Lancashire, whether it's a an end-of-term celebration or something else incredible!

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