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Children's Entertainment In South Wales!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Non Stop Kids Entertainment are proud to announce their presence in Cardiff and Swansea, South Wales! We are the largest children's entertainment in the country! As of 2019, we covered 7,500 parties just last year and now we're coming to you in South Wales! We're super excited and to anyone in South Wales whom may have never heard of us before, this is your chance to learn more about us and how we can provide children entertainment to you!

Discover the Thrilling Children's Entertainment in South Wales!

As the largest children's entertainment in the country, we've exceeded all expectations and gone the extra distance to ensure our clients are satisfied. Not only our all of entertainers very passionate and experienced about what they do, but some of them have even gone the extra distance. One of our entertainers, Roman, once got into a car accident on his way to a party and while he was naturally shook up, he was otherwise okay. But nevertheless, he refused to let this stop him. He got his equipment and hitchhiked to his party! Take about commitment! Now, we want to bring this same dedication to you in South Wales!

We Are A National Company And Cover The UK!

As you may have guessed, we are not a one man band group. We are a national company and cover all across the UK! All of our entertainers are highly experienced in the entertainment industry and give it 110% each time. Our training and ongoing support is simply the best. Not only do we do we hold regular conventions and training sessions, we also provide them with a training website. In short, all of our entertainers are great and spread across the country.

We work regularly with famous holiday parks such Cirque De Soleil, Drayton Manor and Legoland! We move hell and high water to ensure that every client has an awesome experience. Best of all, we don't just provide a standard party. Non Stop Kids have a series of packages and themed parties to fit any type of party you desire! Our job is to make your kid's party rememberable and hassle free!

We Never Let You Down!

You've probably heard the horror stories of being let down by your entertainment without any warning in advance. The last thing you want is to let your birthday child down and it's a terrible feeling when you're trying to accommodate at the last minute. The problem with one band entertainers is there's no 100% guarantee they will be available. If they fall ill or have a sudden family emergency at the last moment, they will let you down because they work independent and don't have the resources to create a contingency plan. In some cases, they double book themselves, or they'll decide to cancel simply because another client offered more money on the day.

At Non stop kids, our motto is we never let a client down, not once. If you book our services for South Wales, we don't just book and wait till the day. We keep in contact with our customer journey from the start of the booking all the way to the day of the party. Your entertainer will also call you the day before the party to let you know their name, confirm the details once more and wish you well on the day. In the small chance our entertainer suddenly falls ill, has an emergency or breaks down and can't make it, we don't cancel. We'll immediately send another entertainer to your party, whenever it be Swansea or Cardiff, we won't let you down.

We Offer A Variety Of Packages!

Non Stop Kids offer a variety of options for our customers! We offer a variety of themed parties and different party packages! Let's take our hassle free package, for example. Your entertainer will arrive well in advance, bring their own equipment to set up and take care of all the entertainment. All you need to do is feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out, no hassle involved and everyone's a winner! Another example is our Tiny Tots package designed specifically for a younger audience. Our entertainer would kick things off with a comedy magic show and we interact with the children the whole way through, even making sure the birthday child gets to help with a trick!

Our themed parties are designed for children who are big into a specific genre. A lot of kids adore the Superhero genre such as Marvel and DC! We have our own Superhero themed party where our entertainer will come as our very own Superhero, Captain Magic! Our entertainer interacts and tells all the kids who he knows Spiderman and the rest of the gang. Overall we have dozens of packages, both themed and designed to meet a specific criteria!

We Can Offer Male And Female Entertainers!

As a national company, we have a strong team over 100 entertainers, both male and female. While this isn't a big issue for some clients, there are certain customers who would like to book a particular gender and we are happy to oblige. The problem with most independent entertaining if they work on their own. As a result, they obviously can't change genders and to people who may prefer a female entertainer over a male or vice versa, that may provide a problem for them. Not us!

We Don't Impose Time Slots!

Everyone wants to host their party at a specific time and day, but a lot of other entertainment companies try to enforce time slots for your party. They do this because they want to try and squeeze as many parties into one day as possible. At Non Stop Kids, we don't impose time slots. We are a national company and cover the whole of the UK that it's easier for us to not offer time slots.

Our kids party entertainer also believes you shouldn't have to change the time of your party for your entertainer. The day is about your birthday child and that should be the focus. While we do recommend time slots for you, we are more than happy to cover the time you would like.

We Don't Limit The Amount Of Kids You Can Invite!

Other entertainment services such as play barn try to either limit the amount of children, charge per child or charge more if the minimum amount has been exceeded. We don't do that. Aside from entertaining children at their homes or a venue, we also perform at some of the biggest them parks in the UK. Last year, we performed regularly at Drayton Manor Hotel and will be doing so again this year. Sometimes we perform with hundreds of kids in attendance!

Regardless of the amount, we do not limit how many children can attend, nor do we charge more. If you live in South Wales and wanted to hire us for a party and you're expecting at least 50 kids to attend, not a problem! The more the merrier and we would never charge you any more.

We Don't Charge Extra For Travel!

Another issue with some entertainment companies is they try to adjust your price depending on how far they have to send their entertainer. Not us! Regardless of your location in the UK, we don't charge extra to send our entertainer to you. Not only do we have entertainers that are local to you, but we don't think it's fair to do that. If our entertainers local to Cardiff and Swansea were unavailable and we were sending someone from Worcester, for example, we would not charge extra at all.

We Concentrate On The Customer Journey!

The big reason our customers love us so much is our customer journey! This journey starts from the day of the customers initial enquiry through to booking the party, the delivery of the party and further beyond! Everything that happens to you - the customer- while you are waiting for your party to be delivered.

One thing that may surprise you is most children's entertainers don't have a customer journey! They would simply book in a customer and stay out of contact until the day of the party. From there, you'd never hear from them again. At Non Stop Kids, we take our customer journey very seriously. From the day of the enquiry, we send a personal thank you and send a text within five minutes to inform them an email is on the way! We send an email within an hour that breaks down exactly what we do as well as detailining the pricing. We aim to call all enquires within 24 hours and discuss with you the various options at your disposal. We don't see these as sales calls, but as free consultation calls!

Once we book our client, we will keep in regular contact right up to the party date. This includes emails 1 month before the party, then another 2 weeks before, another 1 week before and then one last email for the day before the party. The entertainer who will be provided will also call the client a few days before the party to introduce themselves and discuss how the party is going to run. During the same time, they receive a birthday card a few days prior. On the day of the party, we will then send a customer email for the birthday child.

We also send our song request forms and FAQ emails for our clients so they can organise specific music for their entertainer to play. If the client suddenly needs to discuss potential problems or ask any questions, we'll be on standby to address them quickly. Once the party is over, we send thank you emails as well as special offer discount codes for our customers to use if they book us again. Simply put, we make sure all of our clients are at ease and don't need to worry. The customers have no hassle, we take care of all the entertainment and everyone's a winner!

What Are You Waiting For?!

If you are in Cardiff or Swansea and want to book entertainment for your child's birthday, what are you waiting for? Non Stop Kids are here for you! Our goal is to provide an amazing and hassle free experience for your children that will be remembered forever! If you'd like a free no-obligation quote, the banner below will direct you to our website. Fill in a form and we'll get back to you within the hour! Or if you are very eager to get going, give us a call at 0333 301 3002!

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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