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Four Reasons To Have A Superhero Party! | Party Kids Entertainment 2023

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

When it comes to themed parties, nothing speaks amazing than our Superhero Party Package! Heroes have become such a huge genre over the past few years. With so many incredible movies from Marvel and DC, it’s impossible for kids not to adore superheroes nowadays. We love superheroes just as much as they do and that’s why we wanted to take this time to talk about one of our most popular themed parties!

Four Irresistible Reasons to Host an Epic Heroic Party! | Party Kids Entertainment 2023

We’ve been providing superhero parties for many years now. It’s easily one of the greatest party packages we have! This package is hosted by Captain Magic, our very own superhero mascot. Their role is to take care of everything from an entertainment perspective while you, the parents, don’t have to stress about anything. Let’s take a look at why your child would love to experience our superhero party!

There’s Non-Stop Interaction!

We’re not some DJ who rocks up, puts a bit of music on and calls it a day. One of the biggest reasons parents come to us for their kids entertainment is the non-stop interaction. We make sure no one is ever excluded from the fun. That means everyone is involved all the way through the birthday games as well. No one will ever be eliminated. From the beginning of your party all the way to the end, the kids will be entwined by the fantastic entertainment Captain Magic brings to the fun!

We Take Care Of All The Entertainment!

If you’ve heard the horror stories of trying to run a children’s party all on your own, fear not because we run the whole show for you! When you secure our Superhero Party Package, we’ll take of everything related to the party kids entertainment. Captain Magic will arrive 30 minutes ahead of your booking to set everything up and create a fantastic party atmosphere for all the kids to walk into. Once everyone has arrived and the show is set to begin, we’ll captivate all of the kid’s interest with our non-stop party games, award winning magic show, dance competitions and so much more. All you need to do is feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out. Piece of cake!

Unique Themed Party!

None of our party packages are ever the same. Each one has something unique and different you would never find anywhere else. The Superhero Party Package is no exception. Everything you will find within our Superhero Package has been specifically designed to create an awesome heroic atmosphere. All of the kids will have a fantastic time as they celebrate the party together. If you have ever experienced one of our other parties and you’re expecting it to be the same, rest assured that it is completely different!

We Bring All The Equipment!

You don’t need to worry about making sure you have speakers and disco lights handy for our entertainer. We bring all of our own equipment. This includes disco lights, a modern PA system, prizes & sweets for the kids and so much more. With all of this fantastic equipment on hand, we will set everything up to create the perfect atmosphere as soon as everyone arrives. The disco lights create a magical experience, the PA system plays songs of your choice and you don’t have to worry about whether your party is indoors or outdoors because our equipment is designed to work in all environments. All you need to do is provide our entertainer with some space to set up.

Amazing Party Kids Entertainment!

That’s just a few reasons why our Superhero Themed Party is so popular! If your child adores superheroes and would love to have this for their birthday party, you’ve come to the right place! All you need to do is get in touch with our central office and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. You can call us directly on 0333 301 3002 or send us an enquiry form through the banner below. Have a great day and we will speak to you soon!

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