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Why You Should Hire A Kids Entertainer At Your Wedding

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Weddings are the happiest day of your lives and the couple to be will want their day to be perfect. If you are getting married, you have probably spent a lot of time planning your special day. There is a very good chance you have spent thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of pounds on your wedding. 'Money Saving Expert' reported that the average cost of a wedding is now £30,000.

The Reasons to Include a Kids Entertainer at Your Wedding

If you are going to spend that much money on your wedding, it’s important to remember about making sure you have planned something for the kids. To them, they'll see weddings as an event for grown ups and will have difficulty keeping their attention focused. In this blog, we explain why kids party entertainment is important at a wedding and how you can organise this without breaking the bank!

Why Is It Important?

The running order of a typical wedding goes like this: the ceremony, drinks, reception and photo, wedding breakfast, arrival of evening guests and finishing with the evening reception. If you have children at your wedding by the time the wedding breakfast comes round, fact if the matter is they will be bouncing off the walls.

You see, they have just sat through hours of ceremony, drinks, reception and photos. They are probably now bored and they need stimulation to fill their short attention spans. We have met brides and grooms before who think that putting an activity sheet on the kids table will keep them busy. Think again! Have you ever tried taking children to a restaurant and giving them an activity sheet? It keeps them entertained for 5 minutes at the most and weddings are four times as long as an evening in a restaurant. Kids need something interesting that will entwine them and keep their attention focused to a singular location.

This is especially important because typically at the end of the wedding breakfast, that’s normally the time family members will be making speeches. It’s hard enough standing in front of friends and family making a speech at the best of times, let alone when there are children trying to distract you. Fortunately for you, that's where we come in!

How Can A Children's Entertainer Help?

A children’s entertainer can take the kids into a separate area to keep them entertained and out of the way, allowing the adults to focus on chatting and drinking (which are the two most important things at a wedding!) At Non Stop Kids Entertainment, we perform at around 1000 weddings a year. Therefore, we understand what brides and grooms are looking for. We understand that you don’t want your wedding to turn into a kids party. It's your special day and you want it to be remembered as a happy one. The focus shouldn’t be on the kids' entertainment. The entertainer is there to make your life easier, not to take over. You'll be celebrating your special day without concern for the kids.

Typically, we would have a separate room and we would take the kids in there. We would use a combination of balloon modelling, magic, party games and workshops to ensure the kids are having a blast and out of the way from the main event. This will allow the speeches to carry on without interruptions. It means while the room is being changed round, you won’t have parents worrying about where their kids are. Instead, you will be safe and assured in the knowledge that the kids are out the way and happy. We understand that you want the kids kept to one side and you want the entertainment low key whilst still making sure the kids have a blast. For us, easy as pie!

A question we are commonly asked is what if you don't have a separate room to take the kids? The options depend on your venue. We can take them into a corner of the same room and keep them entertained. We would have to keep things a lot more low key, but that’s not an issue. In the past, we have taken the kids into a corridor and likewise, kept the kids entertained and out the way. If the wedding is taking place on a nice day, we can take the children outside and keep them entertained. There are so many different options and we always adapt to any limitations.

When Is The Best Time To Hire A Kids Entertainer At A Wedding?

There are few different options and there is no right or wrong choice. However, a very popular time is during the wedding breakfast and the lull. This is the time that children can become a lot more restless and it’s a great time to have an entertainer keep the kids energised and busy. By the time the evening guests have all arrived, the disco will be set up and running, keeping the kids busy for the rest of the night. As we mentioned before, this also covers the time that you would take to do the speeches without concern of interruption.

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely. As we mentioned, the average wedding costs £30,000. Hiring a kids entertainer is very cheap compared to the other costs associated with weddings. We have lots of brides and grooms contact us and tell us that hiring us was one of the best things they did at their wedding. The key thing is we don’t overcharge for weddings. If you hired us to perform for the children at your wedding, it would be the same cost as if you hired us for a kids party. A lot of suppliers overcharge for weddings, but not us!


The best thing to do is contact us for a no obligation quote and consultation by visiting our website using banner below. It will take you straight to it! Or you can call us on 0333 301 3002. In case any of you were concerned about the entertainment, we don't dress as clowns for anyone who may suffer from Coulrophobia. It's never a good idea, believe us. One more tip we will advise if you do consider hiring an entertainer for your wedding, make sure to hire one who is associated with a national company. Thanks for reading!

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