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Exploring The Rule Of Six For Your Children's Party | Kid's Parties

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

We speak with a lot of parents during enquiries and one of the things we are asked frequently is what are the current rules when it comes to 6 people in attendance for a kid's party? At Non-Stop Kids we are up to date on all Government Guidelines and check for any updates on a day by day basis. For all of our parties we provide a full risk assessment for both general and COVID-19 related areas.

Navigating the Rule of Six for Your Kid's Party Adventure | Children's Celebration Insights

For all you parents out there who want to wrap your heads around the rule of 6, now is your chance! In our blog of the day we break down how the rule of 6 applies to every type of gathering for children's parties, both in general and with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment.

Garden Parties!

As the name suggests, Garden Parties are performed outside of your home within small gatherings. They are the perfect opportunity for you to bring live entertainment for your child’s birthday while maintaining social distancing rules and adhering to Government Guidelines. With garden parties you are allowed up to 6 people in attendance. For example, if you have a household of 2 adults and 3 children and you are hiring a children's entertainer to perform at your party, this will add up to the 6 people in total. We recommend this type of gathering for parents looking for a small gathering only. You could also have 5 children in the garden with your entertainer, and you as the parent watch from inside your open patio door.

COVID Secure Venues!

When it comes to venues the rule of 6 is slightly altered. Venues who are COVID secure may have many people in attendance but there must be groups of 6 as well. For example, if you have hired out a venue to host your children's party and you invited 4 different families, each family must arrive with no more than 6 in their group. When they arrive at the venue there will be separate groups of seating/tables for each family to sit at. In total there will be 24 members in total with each household of 6 at their own table. Your children's entertainer will also class as someone in attendance as well. An illustration below will help paint the scene easier.

As long as your venue has taken all of the necessary steps to ensure their building is COVID secure, you can have more than 6 people in attendance and have a great experience for your children's birthday party. With Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we speak to venues on a daily basis to discuss risk assessments and reassure them we will provide entertainment safely for you and work alongside your venue to ensure that everything is COVID-19 safe.

Which One Is Better?

That's completely your decision. Garden parties are easier to organise but you are limited to 6 people only. Venues can only be hired out if they are COVID secure but they will allow you to have more people in attendance in groups of 6 per household. The choice is up to you. Non-Stop Kids are here to help with your decision. We are more than happy to speak with you and offer guidance about booking your children's entertainment for your party.

Our packages are designed to adhere with all Government Guidelines. We can go through the different options for your party and explain exactly how we can keep your children safe while still making sure they have the best party ever! If you would like to get in touch now and get a no obligation quote, send in a contact form. Or call us on 0333 301 3002 to speak directly. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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