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Guide To Throwing A Themed Children’s Party | Children's Entertainment

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

One thing we often encourage parents to do is attach a theme for your children's birthday party. A party themed around something they love goes a long way to make your children's entertainment extra special, especially if your child is particularly obsessed with a certain movie or fictional character.

A Handbook for Hosting a Themed Children's Party | Children's Entertainment Guidelines

Hosting a themed party is a great way for your guests to enjoy themselves. If you've ever checked out Non-Stop Kids Themed Packages you will see princesses, parties, dinosaurs, aliens and much more. Each theme offers something unique and fun. We can even tailor a party to meet a specific theme your child likes as well. We're going to break down a guide to throwing a themed party for your children's birthday.

Fancy Dress!

Getting all of the kids to dress up as characters centred around the theme your child has chosen for their party. Let's say your children's party was themed around pirates. Everyone can arrive dressed as a different pirate with lots of unique ways to get creative. To go one step further and get more creative, send out invitations that has an invitation message like, "Arrrgh, Captain Miles would love ya to come join him on his pirate birthday across the Seven Seas!"


Nothing captures the feeling of a themed party more than the decorations. Have banners, balloons and other decorative accessories centred around your chosen theme. Going that extra mile really does make your child's birthday extra special. Depending on whether your party will be at home or within a venue, you might have plenty of space to get creative with he decorations. If your theme was based around football, the decorations could be designed as their favourite teams' colours.


It wouldn't be a party without games to play. Go ahead and arrange party games with a unique twist on them to make them more related to your ideal theme. For example, if your party was centred around dinosaurs, you could introduce scavenger hunt where the kids have to go hunting for clues that the dinosaurs were around the area. The one thing we don't recommend is games that exclude other kids. It's no fun to make kids sit to one side while everyone else has fun. If the birthday child gets eliminated from their own party, that's just a disaster waiting to strike.

Kids Entertainment!

Never forget your children's entertainment as well. We're going to be biased and say you should book Non-Stop Kids to provide your entertainment. We are the largest children's entertainers in the country, having provided over 8,000 live parties as well as virtual parties to events all across the country. Our entertainers are amazing and always give 110%. With over 10 different themes to choose from, your children will experience a party like no other.

Ready For A Great Party?

Thank you for checking out today's blog. We hope you found it insightful for arranging a themed party. We're also here to help with our amazing Themed Packages as well as accommodate your party to meet a specific theme in mind. Get in touch with our head office and we'll happily explain everything to you. You can do this by sending in an enquiry form through the banner below or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. We look forward to your call.


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