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Themed Parties With Non-Stop Kids | NSK Party Packages

Updated: Jan 16

One of the biggest reasons parents choose Non-Stop Kids Entertainment is because of the several themed party packages we offer. Adding a theme to your child's party really goes that extra mile to make their special day even more amazing. We offer several amazing themed packages. Whether it's dinosaurs, unicorns or even aliens, one thing is for certain: they are fantastic!

Non-Stop Kids Themed Celebrations | NSK Party Packages

That's why we wanted to take the opportunity to break down several of our themed packages. These are some of our most popular packages that parents always come back to us to book in again for the future. If your child is looking for a great themed party, you don't need to look any further than today's blog.

The Greatest Showman!

Everyone loves The Greatest Showman. It's an amazing movie, and it's a popular themed party at Non-Stop Kids. This package is hosted by a real life Ring Announcer. They will kick off your child's party with our circus magic show. We perform magic, slapstick humour and comedy fun. This party is designed to work for both older and younger children.We will take care of all the entertainment.

Once the show has concluded we move onto our circus themed party games and play action dances with dance competitions. All of the games are themed to Greatest Showman music. Your Ring Announcer will even talk to the kids about running the circus and what it's like to be an amazing circus host.

Princess Parties!

Young girls love nothing more than to feel like a princess. While we can't provide a Disney princess due to copyright licensing, we have the next best thing: our very own Princess Themed Party run by Princess Jessica. In this amazing show, Princess Jessica completely immerses the children into the princess lifestyle. She will run the whole show. As soon as the party starts, Princess Jessica will kick the show off with an amazing interactive story time. She will talk to all the children about what it's like to be a princess and how she became the most amazing one of them all.

There will be lights & music playing as soon as the kids enter the party. They will be completely immersed into the princess lifestyle. After the story time has ended our Princess will then talk about her experience at the Princess Academy! The Princess Academy is where Princess Jessica learned all of the amazing secrets to becoming one of the best princesses of all time. She will talk about the tips & tricks she learned and share these amazing secrets to the kids by inviting them along to take part in her academy to learn to sing, dance & act like a true princess.

Jurassic Package!

Jurassic Park is a fantastic movie. Let's be honest, watching it at a young age made us fall in love with dinosaurs. What better way to celebrate than having a Jurassic themed party? In this exciting package your party is hosted by your very own Dinosaur Hunter! Throughout the duration of your party all of the children will be taught how to find and catch dinosaurs. We kick off the party with our dinosaur themed magic show. We perform magic, comedy, slapstick humour and much more. After the magic show your Dinosaur Hunter plays high energy party games, action dances and dance competitions, all themed to dinosaurs.

Unicorn Themed Party!

Who doesn't love unicorns? In this amazing unicorn birthday party, we provided our very own Unicorn Handler Expert who creates the perfect atmosphere as they get ready to provide a one in a lifetime party. As soon as the party begins, your entertainer kicks off the show with a brilliant award winning magic and puppet show. The whole show is fully interactive and includes everyone who will be attending your party. No one will ever be missed out with the birthday child being made to feel extra special on their amazing day.

All the tricks and routines we play are designed around unicorns. Throughout the show the children will learn how to use magic to catch a unicorn. We can even make a cuddly unicorn appear by magic! Following the magic we will also play high energy party games with the kids as well as action dances and dance competitions. We have designed our party games to work for all ages. On some occasion we have even had parents partake in the fun as well!

As well as the party games, all of the music we will play throughout the party is themed to unicorns. Throughout your party, our Unicorn Expert will teach all the children everything they need to know about becoming an expert themselves. They will learn how to spot, catch and even care for a unicorn themselves!

Amazing Themed Party Packages!

These are just a few of the several themed party packages we offer for your children's birthday party. There are several more themes we offer you can find on our website. Thank you for taking the time to read today's blog. Please check out the banner below or call us on 0333 301 3002 to talk to our central office about securing your children's entertainment. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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