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What Theme Party Packages Do We Provide? | Non-Stop Kids Entertainment

Updated: Jan 16

One of the biggest reasons parents come back to us is because of the amazing theme parties we provide. As well as our popular Hassle Free Package and other amazing packages, we provide several different themes that kids absolutely adore. There’s superheroes, pirates, princesses, aliens and so much more.

Which Themed Party Packages Are Offered by Non-Stop Kids Entertainment?

Themed parties are super popular because it’s a perfect opportunity to cater your children’s parties to something they will adore. What child doesn’t love Marvel and DC? How many kids out there are fascinated with the idea of aliens and space? And what young girl doesn’t dream of becoming a princess? You get the idea! So, why don’t we go ahead and break down what themed party packages we provide?

Superheroes To The Rescue!

This superhero party introduces the perfect heroic atmosphere for your children's party. Hosted by Captain Magic, this incredible party creates a unique experience the kids will never forget. The kids will enter the room to experience something magical. When the party is ready to begin, Captain Magic kicks off the fun with an award winning comedy magic. This show is fully interactive and we make sure all of the children are involved. We specifically play games that don't eliminate anyone. No one is ever left out of the fun and we make sure the birthday child gets to help with a special trick. The birthday child will be made to feel extra special for their party. After the magic show we continue the fun with high energy party games from start to finish, all themed towards superheroes.

Will Aliens Take Over The Earth?

Our Alien Invasion Package is a unique concept we introduced back in 2019 and it's very popular amongst older children's parties. We combined aliens and team games into one unique package for your children to play. All of the children are divided into two teams - Aliens and Defenders of the Earth. Our entertainer serves as your very own Intergalactic Referee. Their role is to run and host all the games as well as the whole show. Throughout the party the kids will compete against each other in a series of high energy space themed party games and action dances. By the end of the party, the Aliens will have conquered Earth or the Defenders will have defeated them!

Learn To Become A Princess!

In this exciting princess themed party, we completely immerse the children into the princess lifestyle. Princess Jessica will run the whole show. As soon as the party starts Princess Jessica will kick the show off with an amazing interactive story time. She will talk to all the children about what it's like to be a princess and how she became the most amazing one of them all. There will be lights & music playing as soon as the kids enter the party. They will be completely immersed into the princess lifestyle. After the story time has ended our Princess will then talk about her experience at the Princess Academy! The Princess Academy is where Princess Jessica learned all of the amazing secrets to becoming one of the best princesses of all time. She will talk about the tips & tricks she learned and share these amazing secrets to the kids by inviting them along to take part in her academy to learn to sing, dance & act like a true princess.

Let’s Sail The Seven Seas!

Who’s ready to go on an exciting adventure with Captain Spare Rib? Look no further than our Pirate Themed Party! Thanks to this amazing package we can bring the fun of exploring the seven seas right to your doorstep! This exciting party package is hosted by a real life pirate who goes by the name of Captain Spare Rib! As the captain of a band full of pirates, their job is to create the perfect party atmosphere for your children's birthday party. As soon as the party starts there will be pirate themed music playing in the background to set that adventure mood. We can also attach other songs to your party. Everyone will get to go on a great adventure across the Seven Seas!

Themed Parties Are Amazing!

There you have it! These themed parties are amazing and super popular amongst children’s parties. So, if you’re ready to secure one of these amazing packages for your children’s upcoming birthday, get in touch now. All you need to do is visit our website using the banner below and send us an enquiry form. Or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. We will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Thank you for reading today’s blog. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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