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Why Book A Dinosaur Package?!

We often get asked which themed party package is our most popular and the answer to that is our Jurassic package. We find that many customers pick to have our Jurassic package because kids just absolutely LOVE dinosaurs.

If you’re trying to decide if the Jurassic package is for you, then this blog will hopefully help you!

What Does A Dinosaur Package Include?

Non Stop Kids Entertainers in Jurassic themed outfits for our dinosaur party packages

Dinosaur Crazy

Are your children completely in love with dinosaurs? Do they revolve everything they do around dinosaurs? Then why wouldn’t you organise your child a dinosaur party, it would be perfect! At Non Stop Kids, we have a Jurassic package that covers everything your child would love about dinosaurs. Our Jurassic party Package includes themed party games, themed music, comedy magic show, lights and disco set up and so much more! If you had specific things in mind that you wanted , we do our very best to include them! If your child is in love with dinosaurs, then why not make their party super special by having what they love at the very heart of it.

Unique & Different

You’re looking at booking entertainment for your child’s party and we know there are hundreds of options out there and most of them are frequently used by other parents for their child’s party. How many parties have you been to that look and are hosted in exactly the same way? How many soft play or bouncy castle parties have you attended? The answer is probably a lot! So, why not use Non Stop Kids Entertainment to create a memorable party? Our Jurassic Party Package is available and ready to amaze others! If you wanted a party that not many people have seen before or a party that would leave everyone completely amazed, then you should book our Jurassic party package! Booking this party will make your child stand out from the crowd. This is a party that people won’t see every day, this is a party package that your child and their friends will be talking about for ages.

Meet Rory

Have you seen our baby dinosaur Rory? Designed especially for our Jurassic package, we released our dinosaur puppet called Rory. He comes along with the dinosaur hunter and performs a little show for the birthday child and all their friends. Rory will make the party extra special and completely engage all the children. If your child loves puppets and dinosaurs, then this is perfect for them. You can’t see Rory anywhere else but here, so make sure you if you want your child to meet Rory, that you secure your Jurassic party package.

Balloon Fun

Non Stop Kids Entertainer does some balloon modelling at a dinosaur package themed party

At Non Stop Kids Entertainment, we go above and beyond to always ensure our parties the very best they can be. Every entertainer is trained up to exactly the same standard, so all of our parties will be completely exceptional. We do thousands of parties every year so we know the in’s and out’s of children’s entertainment. Children love balloons, it’s no hidden secret. So with our Jurassic party package, our very own dinosaur hunter will make every single child a dinosaur themed balloon model to take away with them and the birthday child an extra special one. They will absolutely love it!

Fancy Dress

Non stop kids entertainer performs a show at a dinosaur themed party

For our Jurassic package, we send along our very own entertainer dressed up as a dinosaur hunter, readying the Jurassic theme from the get go. This is the perfect opportunity to have the birthday child and all their friends dress up in fancy dress as their favourite dinosaur or even their own dinosaur hunter. You could even turn it into a competition! Dressing up is always super popular with kids and they absolutely love it! Cosplaying really adds to the party and creates an amazing atmosphere. All the kids will have photo opportunities with our very own dinosaur hunter, so make sure to bring your camera along!


If your child is completely dinosaur mad, then this party package is the one for you. It will engage them from the very start and we promise you that this will be a party that they will never forget. You can visit our website to see the Dinosaur package and read additional information.

If you want to make your child’s party the best, we have another Blog detailing useful tips when planning a party. Furthermore, we highly recommend that you never leave your planning till the last second. You wouldn't believe how difficult it can be to plan a party in such a short timespan.

To conclude, if you’re looking at booking a party for your child’s birthday then you really should choose Non Stop Kids Entertainment, we provide loads of different party packages and depending on your preferences, we also have specific themed ones.

If you’re interested in booking Non Stop Kids Entertainment to host your party, visit our website via the banner below to fill in the form. We will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Alternatively, give us a call on 0333 301 3002.

Thanks for reading. We hope to hear from you soon!

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