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The Best Advantages About Having A Garden Party For Your Kid's Birthday! | Garden Party Ideas

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Summer is finally here! The sun is shining, the weather is warm and everyone is eager to enjoy the summer time while it lasts. For all those who have their birthday party coming up very soon, we highly recommend securing Non-Stop Kids Entertainment to provide your outdoor party entertainment.

The Best Things About Having A Garden Party For Your Kid's Birthday! | Garden Party Ideas

Thanks to our amazing garden parties, we have been able to provide thousands of outdoor children's entertainment across the country. We specifically introduced our Garden Package to adhere with the Government Guidelines while still providing a fun experience everyone will love. Let's check out the best advantages about having an outdoor birthday party with us.

Enjoying The Sunny Weather!

While the UK has a reputation for having rain, that doesn't mean we don't get sunshine. This is the best time to get outside and soak up the sunshine while it's here. Who wants to be sitting inside all day when you can be outside appreciating the warm weather. Use this opportunity to throw your children a fantastic party outside. Make your garden look great with decorations, set up chairs for everyone to sit and if you have any concerns about hot weather or rain, setting up gazebos will provide plenty of shade. Now you won't have to retreat indoors.

More Space For Your Guests!

Our childrens party entertainer have performed over 8,000 live parties throughout the years and quite often we are booked inside venues for a traditional birthday party. This stops everyone from getting cramped together inside a single house. While there is nothing wrong with booking a party indoors, garden parties offer the same opportunity with much more open space. This allows your guests to gather and easily get around each other without concerns over narrow space. It's more fretting to enjoy a party outside without having to navigate around awkwardly every 5 minutes.

Good For Your Child's Health!

Celebrating outdoors not only gives everyone a sense of fresh air. It's also great for your children's health as well. It's no secret nowadays that kids are just as much attracted to their computer devices as adults are. We have smartphones, televisions, computers, gaming consoles and much more. Use their birthday as an opportunity to show them the outdoor world and what they have been missing. The fish air and peaceful environment will guarantee a new perspective for your child and will teach them to appreciate the outside more. Studies have even proved being outside in the summer improves our mood and is the most natural way to get Vitamin D.

Get Creative With Party Games!

Use your outdoor party as the perfect opportunity to put a twist on traditional party games to make the experience more fun. Let's look at the traditional scavenger hunt game. Instead of looking for the items to bring them back to base, you can give all of the kids a scavenger hunt checklist. The list will have things you would quite commonly find within your garden (e.g, flowers, rocks, butterflies, etc.) Each time the kids find one of these items, they can simply cross it off their list before going to find the next one. This also helps maintain social distancing rules as you won't have to worry about anything that's hands on.

Everyone's Happier!

As we mentioned before, being outside really does improve our mood and happiness. 2020 wasn't a kind year to any of us as we are stuck indoors all the time. But with many of the restrictions now removed, everyone can gather in large groups once again. Being outside improves both our physical and mental health. It will also improve children's attention spans and help improve their sensory skulls as well. Everyone will join and leave your party being happy and environment friendly.

Amazing Outdoor Experience!

We can't emphasize enough how amazing our garden parties are. With all the benefits included to your children's health as well as a fantastic experience, what more could you ask for? We have provided thousands of outdoor parties to kid's birthdays all across the country. Parents have nothing but positive things to say about us afterwards. We're more than thrilled to talk to you about our garden parties and answer any questions you have. Send us an enquiry form or call us on 0333 301 3002. We'll get back to you with a no obligation consultation!


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