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Garden Parties| Outdoors Children's Entertainment

We have great news to share with everyone. As of March 29th 2021, Non-Stop Kids will be able to start providing garden parties for your children's party. As long as social distancing rules are following then this is the perfect chance for your children to see all of their friends & family in person. Let's break down our Garden Party Package and see why they are amazing!

Garden Parties| Outdoors Children's Entertainment 2021

As of March 29th you will be allowed a maximum of 6 people attending. This includes your entertainer as well. For example you can have two parents, three children and the entertainer. Or one parent, four children and the entertainer. You get the picture. But as the Roadmap out of lockdown continues to be a success you will be allowed to increase the number of people who can attend. We have another blog that dives deeper into how the rules will be eased in the upcoming weeks. Our goal has always been to make your child's experience amazing while ensuring their safety, and this package is no different. We have plenty of amazing advice to ensure you can plan and run an amazing garden party.

Be Prepared And Don't Worry!

The most important thing for everyone to remember is not to worry. As long as everyone is aware of the social distancing rules and follows them, you have nothing to concern yourself with. If you and your guests are aware of all the rules then you're great to go. Once your guests have arrived, having them enter through the side/back gate if you have one or cross over from another area is possible. You could even make it into a game by having an arrow point in the direction of the party using colourful signs. The kids will see it as a fun little adventure along the way.

When it comes to handing out food & drink we highly recommend you don't use anything that can be passed around like plates and plastic cups. Anything that's "hands on" so to speak. The best thing for you to do is prepare pre-made snack boxes in advance. You have a premade sandwich, packet of crisps, fruit snacks and a bottled trick. It's much more hygienic and a great way to reduce unnecessary risks. It works better for you as well because you don't have to spend time preparing any buffets in advance.

Always have bottles of hand sanitiser available for your party guests. While there is a good chance everyone has already bought their own already, having some available reassures everyone you are taking hygiene seriously and have considerate everyone's feelings. Follow all these precautions and you're good to go!

The Kids Finally Get To See Each Other!

This lockdown has been tough on everyone. For children they don't quite grasp the same concept as adults do. But with a garden party, this is the perfect time for your child to catch up with their friends & family in person. A lot of kids have best friends who they loved to spend time with at school or at home. Or they might have a distance relative such as an older sibling who they haven't been able to see in a while. Now that they can see each other in person, it will help reignite your child's happiness to see their friends and family again.

Hire Entertainment!

As we mentioned earlier, Non-Stop Kids are bringing back our Garden Party Package that follows all Government guidelines. Our package allows our entertainers to perform their award winning magic show while maintaining social distancing rules. We've received dozens of inquiries from parents asking if we can perform for their kids outside. The kids will get an amazing experience while the parents get a hassle free experience. If you would like us to entertain your children outside, we're more than happy to help! If you had previous entertainment planned and had to postpone, check if they can perform outdoors for you and will rework their entertainment to accommodate all Government guidelines.

Garden Parties Are Amazing!

We understand planning your kid's birthday during a pandemic isn't the easiest thing in the world. But as long as you plan in advance and follow all the Government guidelines then everything will be great! Your child gets to have an amazing time and no one needs to worry! If you would like Non-Stop Kids to entertain for your children outside, we're here to help! Send in a form through the banner below and we will get back to you with an no obligation quote.  Alternatively, just give us a call on 0333 301 3002. Don't forget we still offer virtual parties for anyone who would prefer virtual entertainment. Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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