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What You Should Consider When Hosting A Garden Party | Garden Parties

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

You've decided to go ahead and throw the best garden party ever for your children's upcoming birthday party. That's fantastic. With the Roadmap out of Lockdown continuing to become a huge success, restrictions are easing as the weeks follow. At the time of this blog we are now allowed to have 15 people attending a garden party. It won't be long until there will be no restrictions at all.

Key Factors to Contemplate When Hosting a Garden Party | Art of Garden Party Hosting

As the largest children's entertainment in the U.K we've provided thousands of live entertainment for kid's birthdays all across the country. We've performed inside homes, outdoor areas, village halls, holiday themed parks and much more. We want to make sure your children's party is a huge success and impart some advice for you.

Prepare For Rain!

If you reside in the U.K you know rain is always a possibility. In this country we could literally experience all four seasons in the span of a week! It's always good to be prepared for the weather. If the rain does happen to fall on your children's birthday you have a couple of potations. If the rain is just a light drizzle then you can easily set up covers for everyone to stand under until it passes. But if the rain is quite heavy with a thunderstorm approaching as well, it might be ideal to postpone the party to another time.

At the time of this blog you can now have up to 15 people attending outside but no one is allowed to mix indoors yet. The last thing we want everyone to do is get drenched in the rain or break any Government Guidelines. If you are expecting a rain forecast in advance it might be best to give your guests a heads up that the party will be postponed. Everyone's a winner that way. We have another vlog that offers more information on what to do for rain.

Beat The Heat!

Speaking of weather it's also ideal to prepare for the warm weather. During the summer of 2020 we experienced a huge heatwave that reached up to 30°C. To combat the heat we highly recommend placing lots of covers to provide shade across your garden. Gazebos and large umbrellas are ideal to provide cool shade. Of course have some sunscreen protection in advance but ask your guests if they can bring their own to avoid anything hands on. Keep prepared and beat the heat!

Garden Games!

Kids love to play games, especially at a party event. Just because we have to maintain social distancing doesn't mean we can't play games. Now's the perfect chance to put a unique twist on classical games. You can get all the kids to play musical statues where you arrange for all of the kids to dance in a specific spot and then freeze once the music stops. You also have musical animal impressions where you play different animal sound effects and get the kids to guess the type of animal that makes the noise. There's a lot of games available that don't involve anything touch based. Another great addition is to get hula hoops for each kid to stand it. It makes sure they maintain social distancing and adds that bit of extra fun for them.

Plan A Route For Your Guests!

Prior to your party it's a good idea to plan a routine for your guests to arrive to avoid going through your house. If you have a back/side gate that leads directly into your garden from the outside, that's perfect. No one has to worry about any unnecessary risks. If you don't have a side gate or another way to get into your garden then just make sure your guests don't spend too long inside the house and only enter one way to exit the other. Have lots of hand sanitisers on standby but we're confident your guests will have brought their own!

A Fantastic Outdoor Experience!

And there you have it. Keep these few tips in mind and you're great to go. If you're looking to provide your children with an entertainer who's confident, experienced and adheres with all Government Guidelines, Non-Stop Kids Entertainment can provide just that with our Garden Package. If you would love to get in touch about having a garden party we would be happy to help! You can send in a contact form through the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Or give us a call at 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading today's blog and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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