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How To Prepare Your Outdoor Party For The Weather | Garden Parties

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

In just over a months' time the summer will be here and everyone is eager to bask within the warm weather. Thanks to the Roadmap out of Lockdown easing restrictions and allowing more social contact, we have been able to supply garden parties for children's birthdays once again. It won't be long until all the restrictions have been removed and we'll be officially out of lockdown for good.

Getting Your Outdoor Party Ready for Weather Changes | Garden Celebrations

At the time of this blog we are allowed to have up to 15 people together outdoors. In a week from today this limit will increase up to 30. With so many of your children's friends gathered outside, one of the biggest questions our childrens party entertainer get asked is what can we do about the weather? Anyone who resides within Britain knows rain is always a possibility. One day it could be sunny and the next it's pouring down all week. No matter the weather, it's always good to be prepared for both circumstances.


The number one recommendation to prepare for the weather are gazebos. Setting these up across your garden will provide plenty of shelter for both the hot sunshine and rain storms. If anyone feels the sun is bearing down too hard on them, a gazebo will allow them to cool down and enjoy the shade. Or if an unexpected rainstorm hits, everyone can move under the cover of the gazebo and avoid getting wet. You can even go one step further and make your gazebos part of the party by setting up lighting and decorations inside. Now you don't have to worry about losing the atmosphere of the party.


Likewise, if gazebos aren't your goto then you can have parasols as an option as well. They're large umbrellas that cover areas of your garden party party and provide shelter from both the heat and the rain. They are smaller than gazebos in comparison, so it would be ideal to have a couple of them in place. While we are allowed to have many more people outside now, it is still important we follow the social distancing rules and don't cramp together under one parasol. Be prepared and have a couple set up in advance.

Create A Backup Date!

While we can prepare for all the weather contingencies, sometimes the weather gets so bad that staying outside is simply not possible. Last year we experienced thunderstorms that flooded streets! The last thing you want is to happen is to watch your children's garden party get drenched with flood. While we can't control the weather, it is always good to have a backup date planned in advance. If you are expecting rain to spoil your children's party then having a contingency plan in place will make sure everyone is prepared in advance and won't have to stress over your children's garden party conflict with your guest's plans.

Always Be Prepared!

No matter the situation you can never be too cautious, especially when it comes to planning your children's birthday party. Always stay one step ahead and prepare for all possible situations. At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we have provided thousands of garden parties for children's birthdays all across the county. We specifically designed this package to adhere with all the Government Guidelines that have been put in place.

If you are worried about rain affecting your party booking with us, that's not a problem. You can call our head office and we'll be more than happy to reschedule your party to another date. Just let us know. If you haven't booked a Garden Party Package with us yet you can send us a contact form online and we get in touch with a no obligation consultation. Or call us on 0333 301 3002 to speak directly with us. Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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