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Advantages Of Hosting A Garden Party | Garden Parties With Non-Stop Kids

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Thanks to our garden parties becoming popular amongst children's birthday parties once again, we are talking to more parents than ever about providing outdoor entertainment. It won't be long now until Non-Stop Kids will be providing children's entertainment as normal. Soon all restrictions will be removed and we won't have to worry about anything.

Benefits of Arranging a Garden Party | Non-Stop Kids' Garden Party Delights

Our next best party is our Garden Package. We developed this package from scratch to provide live entertainment within your garden space while adhering with all Government Guidelines that have been set in place. As the upcoming months follow the rules will be further eased until the official end date of June 21st. There are so many advantages to having a garden party for your children's birthday that you would never have guessed.

Your Children Don't Feel Overwhelmed!

A lot of children are no strangers when it comes to celebrating with their friends but our children party entertainment understands some kids feel overwhelmed within an unfamiliar environment or amongst large crowds. That's why outdoor parties are a perfect way to celebrate their special day. One of the reasons our Virtual Party Package is so popular is because everyone had the option to turn off their webcam without leaving the party. That way the birthday child doesn't have to feel like the centre of attention. When it comes to garden parties, your child will be in a familiar environment and feel far more comfortable celebrating their special day!

Creative Opportunities!

Garden parties are the perfect time to discover endless creative opportunities. You can decorate your children's garden party with a specific theme they might be into. If your child is a huge fan of Marvel and you decide to make their party centered around superheroes, go ahead and decorate your garden with superhero party accessories like posters and banners. Depending on when you decide to host your party you can even have outside lights to illuminate your garden during the evening. You can even host an outdoor movie night with a project & screen. The possibilities are endless!

Save Money!

As parents we want our children to have a fantastic experience without going overboard on your budget. Hiring out a venue would take up a significant part of your budget. It's not uncommon to have your children's party at home, especially if it's outside. Hosting your children's party at home that will save extra cash that you can focus on the other party accessories. This includes the decorations, snack boxes and party favours.

You're In Control!

The big advantage to having a garden party is you have complete control of your children's party. You don't have to be restricted by venue rules, and this gives you the freedom to decide what you want to do and how long you want the party to last. To host a fantastic birthday party that your children will love you don't need to stress over finding a high-end venue or village hall. It's your child and the quality experience they will have that matters most.

Plan Now And Have Fun!

Prepare your outdoor party now and you are guaranteed a fantastic outdoor experience. Don't forget about your entertainment as well. Non-Stop Kids Entertainment have provided over 8,000 live parties as well as virtual parties, providing a hassle free experience to children's birthday parties. We have developed our Garden Package to adhere with all Government Guidelines while making sure your birthday child has an amazing time. If you would like to get in touch then send in a contact form through the banner below and you will get a no-obligation quote. Or alternatively give us a call at 0333 301 3002. We are looking forward to speaking with you soon!


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