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Kids Kabaret Party Package | Children's Entertainment With Non-Stop Kids

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

When lockdown first started back in March, Non-Stop Kids Entertainment introduced our Virtual Party Package to ensure children didn't have to miss their birthday parties. Once the rules were slightly lifted we then introduced our Garden Party Package to perform live and in person again. We are proud to announce our new Kid's Kabaret Package!

Kids Kabaret Extravaganza: Non-Stop Kids' Unmatched Children's Entertainment Package

Our goal is to always make sure your children's birthday is amazing while the parents enjoy a hassle free experience. We have built up this new exciting package from the ground up to work alongside COVID secure venues. We published a previous blog that discusses this. We are going to break down our new package and the exciting features included.

What Is the Package?

The Kids Kabaret package has been designed specifically for parents who would like to book a children's party for their kids in 2020. If you have checked out our Hassle Free Package you will see some familiar features. Our entertainers set up some background music as the kids arrive and then go into an award winning magic show that is very interactive. After this we then play specially designed party games all the way to the end of the party and finish by making every child a balloon model, including a special balloon for the birthday child.

This package has been specifically designed within the Government Guidelines to make your children's party is amazing and safe! One thing to understand with this package is the 'Rule Of Six'. We have another blog coming soon that will break down this rule, but in the short the rule only applies to outside and in a person's house. It does not apply for COVID secure venues. With this package we can also speak with your venues about running your children's party and make sure all the risks are assessed. As long as your venue is COVID secure your child is guaranteed an amazing party! If you are unfamiliar with a COVID secure venue please check out our previous blog that will explain it in detail and break down all the points for you!

The important thing to remember is everything has been designed from the ground up and adheres with all Government Guidelines. When you book our package we will guide you every step of the way about what you need to do with your venue and how we will talk to them about running your children's party. Your party can run from anywhere between an hour, 90 minutes or two hours. No matter the duration we promise your child will have a fantastic experience to look back on for years to come!

We can also send you seating plans and a risk assessment for your venue to look over. From the day of the booking all the way to the date of the party we will be in contact to ensure your children's party is amazing. If your venue has any questions we are more than happy to talk with them about any queries. Just remember that we will take all the hassle out of your children's party. You can sit back and enjoy the show!

Thanks for reading today's blog! We are super excited to bring this package to your secure venue. We will take care of all your children's entertainment and assist your venue with anything they need. To speak with us about booking this new package send in a contact form through the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation quote. Or alternatively pick up the phone and call us on 0333 301 3002! Have a great day and we will speak with you soon.

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