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Social Distancing Games For Kids | Outdoor Garden Parties

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

While garden parties have once again made their return, it is important that everyone still follows the social distancing rules until lockdown officially ends on June 21st. It won't be long now until all restrictions have been removed. We're going to take this time to talk to you about social distancing games your children can play.

Social Distancing Games For Kids | Outdoor Garden Parties

Just because everyone has to maintain a small distance from each other doesn't mean we can't play classical games with a unique spin on them. Our entertainers are amazing at setting up social distancing games the kids can play easily and have many ideas to share with you. Let's take a look at some great games for the kid's to play.


A popular game for everyone to play is charades. This is a great game that allows all the kids to take turns on acting out a film or TV characters, scenes from something they love to watch or even specific words for their friends to guess. Charades is an amazing game that has limitless opportunities and hours of fun at the end. Best part is no one needs to stand near each other and you don't need any equipment as well!

Scavenger Hunt!

A traditional scavenger hunt gets everyone to come together and search for items you have planted out for them to find. You can easily take this one step further now and make a nature scavenger hunt. You can make a checklist for everyone that includes pictures of something they would usually find outdoors. This could be flowers, rocks, toys and much more. The kids then hunt for the items and cross out each photo along the way. It's a fun game that has an adventure thrill everyone will adore.

Hide & Seek!

If you are having a garden party for your children's party you might be wondering how hide & week can work when there aren't many places to hide to. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, a sense of creativity can be added as the perfect solution. With a camera or smartphone device in hand, take a picture of the kids taking turns hiding in different places only showing a small part of their body like a hand or a foot. The rest of the kids then have a competition to see who can spot the person hiding in the photograph first.

Get Crafty!

It's no secret that children are far more creative than adults are. Use their garden party as an opportunity to create some arts & crafts. All of the kids can bring something to craft with and share their creative ideas between each other. Like decorating their own flower pots, for example. It's a great way to develop your children's creativity while making sure everyone has a great time as well!

Design A Game!

Children will love designing their own games to play as well. What better way to play games than to partake in one you have created specifically for your garden? Give clear instructions about social distancing and encourage children to be creative. It will be good fun playing the games too.

Amazing Garden Party Games!

And there you have it! Lots of social distance for the kids to play without worrying about social distancing. But you don't have to worry because it will only be a matter of time now until all restrictions have been completely removed. We look forward to providing children's entertainment without having to worry about any rules & guidelines.

Thanks for reading today's blog. If you haven't already make sure to check out our Garden Party Package. It's an amazing outdoor party package that adheres to Government guidelines. We would love to speak to you about booking garden parties with us. You can send in a contact form through the banner below and we get back to you in 24 hours with a no obligation consultation. Or you can give us a call at 0333 301 3002. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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