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Tiny Tots Garden Parties | Garden Party Entertainment With NSK 2021

One question we get asked more often than not is regarding children's entertainment for younger children aged 1 to 5 years. A lot of other entertainment companies out there don't accommodate parties for children of that age. Not us! We have performed thousands of live parties for younger children in mind. Thanks to our amazing garden parties, we can bring the thrill of our award winning magic show right to your garden.

Tiny Tots Garden Parties | Garden Party Entertainment With NSK 2021

As well as children's parties, our entertainers have years of experience performing in primary & infant schools, nurseries and preschools. Our Tiny Tots package is specifically designed for younger children in mind. All of the activities included are designed with their age range in mind. The show is very interactive with lots of unique activities in mind to stimulate and entertain even the youngest of children.

It's a fully interactive show that includes everyone throughout the experience. We kick off your garden party with a brilliant award winning magic show. Included with our magic show are story tricks where we tell the children stories but use magic to make the story more memorable and visual. After the magic show ends we'll move onto high energy party games that are played to music (radio edited for your peace of mind) that are specifically designed to be non-elimination. Elimination games are just no fun. If the birthday child gets knocked out of a party game on their own birthday, that's a disaster waiting to happen!

We also include action dances and dance competitions as well with younger children in mind. Have you ever been to Butlins and watched the redcoats dance around? It's exactly like that but you get to see it performed within your personal outdoor space. We can also include one of our themes to your party as well. If the kids love superheroes, pirates or even want a spooky party, just let us know and we'll happily arrange that for you!

Let's not forget our secret weapon. Charlie the Dog is our company's mascot who accompanies our entertainer throughout the show. He's adored by all the kids, especially amongst younger children. He's super cute but he is also very mischievous. Charlie messes around with the entertainer as they are trying to perform, acting naughty as he deliberately plays up one way or another. Kids love Charlie for this very reason as he gives them something to relate to. Check our entertainer Lee performing alongside Charlie below!

Brilliant Experience!

We're thrilled to be providing live entertainment once again and can't wait for all the lockdown restrictions to be officially removed. Garden parties are amazing and easily the next best choice for your children's birthday party. If you haven't already, check out our Garden Party Package and send us an enquiry form when you're ready to secure us for your kid's party. Or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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