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The REAL Reason Non-Stop Kids Entertainment Customers Love Us So Much

Did you know that we perform at over 8,000 parties a year every year.? We hold contracts with dozens of large theme parks and holiday parks. We help thousands of parents every single year, ensuring that their child’s party is absolutely awesome! A lot of our customers come back to us every single year. We have entertained children from their first birthday party all the way through to their 12th birthday. The question is why do all our clients love us?

It's Because We Concentrate On The Customer Journey

You might be asking yourself, “what is a customer journey”? It’s a good question. In fact, if you asked 90% of children’s entertainers to describe their customer journey, they wouldn’t have a clue what you are talking about. Today, we are going to talk about the customer journey and why it is important to you as a customer of Non Stop Kids Entertainment.

What Is A Customer Journey?

Simply put, it’s the journey that the customer goes on from initial enquiry through to booking the party, delivery of the party and then after sales. Everything that happens to you - the customer - while you are waiting for your party to be delivered.

What Is A Typical Children's Entertainer's Customer Journey?

Believe it or not, most children’s entertainers have no customer journey. They will book a customer in and send them a confirmation. The next time you hear from them is the day of the party when they turn up and perform. Afterwards, you will never hear from them again. Now, to be honest most kids' entertainers work on their own. They haven’t really got much time to do anything other than this. They have to deal with enquiries, bookings and customer service. They have to go out and perform as well as run the business and keep up with the accounts, etc. It’s hard for your average one man band entertainer to do anything, other than this because they work on their own - they haven’t got the time.

What Happens At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment?

We take the customer journey very seriously right from enquiry. When someone enquiries, they get sent to a thank you page on our website for their enquiry. They get a text message within five minutes to inform them an email is on it’s way. We always send an email within an hour that breaks down exactly what we do as well as giving detailed pricing. We aim to call all enquiries within 24 hours to go through different options on the phone. We look at these calls as free consultation calls and not sales calls. Also, within 24 hours, we send a copy of our best selling book ‘how to plan the perfect children’s party’ to each customer for free.

Once the client has booked, we keep in regular contact right up to the party date. We send emails 1 month before the party, 2 weeks before the party, 1 week before the party and 1 day before the party. The entertainer allocated to the party will call the client a few days before the party to introduce themselves and go through how the party is going to run. On the day of the party, we send a custom email to the birthday child, as well as a birthday card a few days beforehand. And all of this doesn’t take into account the song request forms and FAQ emails that are sent out to the client. We are on hand right up until the day of the party, so that any problems and questions are addressed quickly.

After the event, we send thank you emails as well as special offer discount codes to all our customers to thank them for booking us. Simply put, we want to make sure that all our clients are at ease and don’t have to worry about anything. While leaving feedback, a lot of clients specifically comment about how reassuring our customer journey is and how they felt at ease the entire time. We honestly feel that this makes the difference and is one of the big differences between us and any other kids entertainer.

Why Does All This Matter?

As a parent organising a kids party, would you rather be in contact with your entertainer the entire time from booking to delivery or would you rather not hear from your entertainer at all? We believe that the way we have planned our customer journey gives our customers a peace of mind not normally found in this industry

The thing to take away from this blog is that customer journey matters and we really care about our customers. If you would like to speak to us about your child’s party, simply fill in the contact form by clicking the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Our website also offers advise on how to make sure your outdoor children’s party is a success and why we don't supply mascots or Disney characters.

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