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Why You Should Host A Garden Party | Garden Party Ideas

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Garden parties have made their return once again. At the time of this blog we are now allowed to have up to 15 people attending your garden party, including parents and your entertainer. In only a month's time the limit will increase to 30, and by June there will be no limits at all!

Why You Should Host A Garden Party | Garden Parties

Non-Stop Kids provided garden parties throughout the summer of 2020. They're super popular amongst parents and we want all of our clients to understand why an outdoor party is the next best thing for your children's birthday party. That's why we wanted to talk to you about why you should host a garden party for your children's birthday party!

Live Interaction!

The worst part about lockdown was we couldn't socialise with our families & friends in person. We introduced our Virtual party Package to make sure children didn't have to postpone their birthday party. While it was an amazing concept that brought everyone together, there's a certain charm about live interaction that makes communication in person much more special. A garden birthday party opens up live interaction with others once again. Everyone can see and speak to each other in person while adhering with Government Guidelines. Because the party is within your harden you don't have to worry about members of the public passing you!

Creative Party Games!

While we still have to adhere with the 2 meter social distancing rule, that doesn't mean we can't still play traditional party games. With our Garden Package we have adapted our party games to work without breaching any lockdown rules. For example, you could play scavenger hunt by hiding different items throughout your garden that the kids have to go on a hunt to find. If you wanted to take this one step further you could even have kids find different letters that they have to find back and spell a specific word.

Another great game you could play is a nature hunt bingo. You will print off a bingo sheet with different icons you would find outside (flowers, mushrooms, bugs, etc.) that the children have to find. With each item they find they will cross out a different picture. Once they find five pictures within a row they win! Don't be afraid to test out your creativity and find a game that works for everyone!

Decorations Set the Atmosphere!

Nothing creates the perfect atmosphere for your garden than your decorations. All you need to do is decide on a theme your child will love and build everything else around that. Maybe your garden party is to celebrate your children's birthday. Or you want your outdoor party for a special occasion. No matter the occasion, the perfect atmosphere will create the right reactions of your guests. The planning and commitment you have put in will make your thoughtfulness and effort certainly worth it.

Free Of Technology!

In the age of modern technology there's no denying everyone owns an electronic device. Whether it's a smart phone, computer, iPad and more, we become so buried in technology in our day-to-day lives. Garden parties are the perfect solution to getting free of this habit. We can escape the virtual world and appreciate the outdoors much more. Your children and their friends can interact, catch up on good times without checking our phones every 2 minutes.

Children who have grown up with a smart phone at their side can finally understand and appreciate the outside world. Mother Nature is a beautiful sight we sometimes take for granted. There are so many health benefits to being outside in the warm weather as well, including our main source of Vitamin D.

Outdoor Parties Are Fantastic!

Thanks for checking out today's blog. We hope we have painted the picture on why a garden party is amazing. Don't forget about your entertainment as well. Non-Stop Kids are here to provide you with an incredible hassle free experience. To get in touch about booking a Garden Package give us a call at 0333 301 3002 or send in a contact form and get a no-obligation quote. Have a great day and we look forward to speaking with you!


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