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Why You Should Host A Garden Party | Garden Party Ideas 2020

Garden parties are becoming a massive hit at Non-Stop Kids! We've heard so many parents say they are amazing and we want all of our clients to understand why a garden party is the next best thing. We're going to talk to you about why you should host a garden party in today's blog!

Why You Should Host A Garden Party | Garden Party Ideas 2020

Live Interaction!

Once lockdown first started one of the first things we couldn't stand was not seeing our families & friends in person. While there were lots of amazing social media platforms out there to compensate, there's just something about live interaction that makes communication in person all the more special. Hosting a garden party finally opens the gateway to interacting with people again. It's the perfect change to meet up with your closest friends and speak to each other in person. And because you're in your garden you won't have to worry about members of the public passing by.

Creative Games!

Just because we still have to maintain the 2 meter rule doesn't mean we can't play some traditional party games! There are tons of fun games for both the kids and the adults to play without worrying. We have the traditional scavenger hunt. Here you can hide different types of items throughout the garden and then send the kids on a hunt to find them. To take it one step further, let's say there's 3 kids taking part. Each kid has 2 letters to find and they have to bring them back to spell a specific word. It's a fun garden party game and you won't have to worry about a thing. There's also nature hunt bingo. With this game you print off a bingo sheet that has multiple pictures of things you'd find outside (flowers, mushrooms, bugs, etc) and the children have to find each one while crossing out the pictures. If they find five pictures in a row they win!

Decorations Set The Atmosphere!

Decorations are the key to creating the perfect atmosphere for your garden party. You can decide on the theme and build everything else around that. Is the garden party to celebrate a birthday? Do you want to host for a special occasion? Think about this in your planning process. The type of atmosphere will create the reactions of your guests. Your party planning will make your thoughtfulness and effort certainly worth it.

Free Of Technology!

We live in the day of modern technology. Everyone owns a phone, computer, tablet, etc. We become so buried in our technology in our day-to-day lives, and that's why garden parties are the perfect solution. Garden parties allows us to escape our virtual world and appreciate the outdoors. Your friends & family can interact, catch up on good times without checking our phones every five minutes. Children who have grown up with modern technology can finally understand and appreciate the outside world. Mother Nature is beautiful sight we sometimes take for granted. Use your garden party to open new opportunities for your kids to learn.

Thanks for reading today's blog. We hope this blog helped paint the picture why a garden party is amazing. Of course, Non-Stop Kids are happy to help with your child's birthday if you would like an amazing outdoor party. To get in touch about booking a Garden Party Package give us a call at 0333 301 3002 or send in a contact form and get a no-obligation quote. Have a great day and we look forward to speaking with you!

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