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How To Have A Virtual Birthday Party | Children's Virtual Entertainment

Updated: Jan 23

Venues may have reopened but virtual parties are still very popular for celebrating your children's party. We originally developed our Virtual Party Package to make sure kid's birthday parties could go on during lockdown. Now they are super popular at Non-Stop Kids and we take dozens of inquiries every single day for a virtual party. We have even introduced virtual Halloween and Christmas virtual parties to prepare for the upcoming holidays.

Arranging a Virtual Birthday Celebration | Virtual Entertainment for Kids

We have become the virtual party experts and always guarantee an amazing experience for your kid's birthday. If you have never experienced a virtual party before, we highly recommend you do so. We're going to talk about how to have a virtual party with some great tips you can use along the way.

Online Invitations!

Just because you're celebrating your party online doesn't mean you don't have to send out fun invitations. We have used the opportunity of virtual parties to introduce virtual invitations. These invitations are animated and available for you to send to all of your guests. They will have the details of your party in electronic form. They're very fun and can be customised to meet a specific theme as well. You can find hundreds of virtual invitation applications out there. We teamed up with Mini-Epic to bring virtual invitations to our own parties. If you are curious as to what they look like, find an example of one of our virtual party invitations below.

Video Sharing Apps!

To throw a virtual party you will of course need to find a good sharing platform for everyone to partake in. At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we use Zoom to host all of our virtual parties. It's an amazing application and easily one of the most popular options for running your party. You can have up to 100 guests and set up your party privately as well. There are hundreds of options to choose from. Skype is another amazing option, along with Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and much more. Do some research and find the application that is good for you and your guests. As long as they are up to date and everyone knows how to use them, you are good to go!

Create A Facebook Event!

Another great way to let everyone know about your virtual party is to create a Facebook birthday event. You can set up your own Facebook groups and invite everyone you want to take part in your online party. The group can be set up privately so no unvisited guests can join in, making it very secure. You can use this page to run your party. Everyone will take part and you can see who will be attending after they check the Yes/No option.

Virtual Birthday Activities!

There are so many games for kids you can play online! For all your kids who are big into video games, you can set up a favourite game for them to play with friends. Another great game to play is to run a quiz. This is a great way to run the show because there are so many ways it can go. You could run a simple Q&A quiz that's set around animated movies. Round 1 would be about Disney based questions while round 2 is entered around Pixar. You can take this one step further with an interactive quiz that isn't just questions.

To take this one step further, why not host your own game show? You can set up a creative game show with dozens of objects spread around the area. You can cover the camera and remove one of the objects. The audience has to guess what object was missing. Like the Generation Game. If you are using Zoom and you have software like Powerpoint, you could have pictures of different Disney characters and the kids have to guess the name of the characters.

Virtual Parties Are Fantastic!

Thanks for reading our blog. We have loved performing virtual parties and can't wait to celebrate Virtual Halloween & Virtual Christmas parties in the upcoming weeks. If you would like us to run a virtual party for your children's upcoming party, we are more than happy to help. Give us a call on 0333 301 3002 or send in a contact form for a no obligation quote. We'll speak to you soon!

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