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What You Can Use To Host A Virtual Party - Vlog

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

If you're planning on having a party online, they're tons of platforms out there. For a children's party, we suggest you book an entertainer. Non-Stop Kids Entertainment have done 100s of online parties and we can tell you it's a lot more difficult to entertain the kids then you think. If you can afford to hire a children's entertain, we highly recommend you do it. But if you decide you don't want an entertainer to do it yourself, here are a few options out there for you


Zoom is an amazing platform when it comes to joining up with others online. With Zoom you can create a meeting link, send it towards the people you like to invite and then everyone can join and interact with enough. To stop uninvited guests from joining, make sure your meeting is password protected and you send the links directly to the parents and not on public posts. To access all of Zoom's features you will have to pay. While the free account can be used, it does have its drawbacks. You will only have a 40 minute limit, you won't be able to set up a waiting room in advance for parents who join early and you can't record the session. If you want the best of Zoom and all it's premier features, you will need to purchase it.

Facebook Groups/Rooms!

You can set up your own Facebook groups and invite everyone you want to take part in your online party. The group can be set up privately so no unvisited guests can join in, making it very secure. You can use this page to run your party. Unfortunately, unlike zoom the people who are involved can't see each other, only interact through messages. If you decided to host a Facebook Live stream, only the host of the stream will be seeable.

Facebook have recently introduced a new feature was well called Facebook Rooms. It runs very similar to Zoom and allows up to 50 people to chat at one time. It's available for free but it is still relatively new and still quite glitchy since introduction. To use this people need Facebook account. More people don't have one then you may think, even in the age of social media.

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