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How To Host A Social Distancing Party | Garden Party Ideas

It's summer time and the weather is high. Thanks to the warm weather and recent updates on lockdown rules, you can now have gatherings outside with 6 people or under. The perfect opportunity to finally celebrate your child's birthday outside. In today's blog we're going to give you advice on hosting a social distancing party.

How To Host A Social Distancing Party | Garden Party Ideas

Decorate Your Garden!

Now that you are allowed to have an outside party, go all out when it comes to the decorations! Since the garden will be the main atmosphere, decorate to your heart's desire. it might even follow a specific type of theme your child is into. When Non-Stop Kids performed their first Garden Party, the birthday child had a superhero themed party. The garden was furnished with superhero decorations such as Captain America and Hulk. If your child is into superheroes or any other fictional show, set up the garden to match that theme and go that extra mile to make their day amazing. Even better, get the guests to arrive in themed outfits as well.

Avoid Buffets!

We understand traditional parties usually have food & drink for the guests but it's still best to avoid having a buffet at the party. Buffets are very hands on and the last thing we want is to eat food that has been touched by others. Instead, go with pre-made food. There are tons of places out there you can buy pre-packed sandwiches, individual bottles, wrapped sweets and more. By handing out snack boxes instead you not only reduce risks but you will also save money as well. Once the kids are sitting down to eat make sure there are eating two meters apart. You can use hola hula hoops for each kid to sit in and ensure social distancing is maintained.

Eliminate Distractions!

Let's be honest, kids are very easily distracted, They see one toy and all focus is gone. You want to make sure the kids are following the social distancing rules the same as everyone else. While setting up the garden make sure there aren't any toys lying about that the kids can get distracted by.

Hire Children's Entertainment!

As we mentioned earlier, Non-Stop Kids now have a Garden Party Package that follows all Government guidelines. We've built up this new amazing package to deliver live entertainment while ensuring our entertainers maintain social distancing rules while they perform their award winning magic show . We've received dozens of inquiries from parents asking if we can perform for their kids outside. The kids will get an amazing experience while the parents get a hassle free experience. If you would like us to entertain your children outside, we're more then happy to help!

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed this blog and will take this advice to heart. Of course, we're always here to help when it comes children's entertainment. It's what we do best. Give us a call or send in a no-obligation form, both available through the banner below. We look forward to speaking with you!

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