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Ideas You Can Use To Plan A Virtual Party - Vlog

Updated: Sep 21

There you have it! There are so many ideas for virtual parties that you can put together. Get your children and their friends together with Zoom! It's easy to use and everyone gets to celebrate the birthday child's party from the comfort of their own home. If your child loves a certain movie/show that's on Netflix then download a Chrome extension and get all children to watch the birthday child's choice of film. And for the older kids host a gaming night. You won't find a kid nowadays that isn't into video games. For further more ideas, consider doing some arts & crafts on topics they like to keep a creative mind. Maybe painting something they like or remember. Creativeness is important for a child for their future and we want to ensure that remains the case. A treasure hunt is also an amazing type of virtual party! With each child at their own house, their parents can place a respective clue around the house. It will be the children's job in each of their homes to find a different clue and then figure out which of their houses has the treasure in! So many amazing ideas to do online! Thanks for watching!

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