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The Next Step Out Of Lockdown | Children's Entertainers

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

At the time of this blog we have now reached April 12th and you know what that means! The next step out of lockdown has officially arrived. We have some fantastic news to share regarding providing entertainment for your children's upcoming birthday. Let's break down what's changed in today's blog!

Stepping Forward Beyond Lockdown | Children's Entertainers on the Move

The great news is all non-essential businesses have officially reopened. This includes gyms, spas, zoos, theme parks, libraries and community centres. You might be wondering what that means for your children's entertainment?

Outdoor Garden parties!

The great news is the number people you can have attending your garden party has increased from 6 - 15. Now your children can have much more of their guests attending their party while still adhering with all Government Guidelines. This means you could have 12 children, 2 parents and 1 entertainer. Or you could have 5 parents with 9 children and 1 entertainer.

You get the idea. We have designed our Garden Party Package to follow all of the Government Guidelines while providing a fantastic birthday party experience for your children's special day. All of our entertainers are monitored very closely and they follow strict cleaning protocols. All of the equipment we bring is cleaned & satisfied before and after every party we do. Rest assured everyone is safe and will experience a great party.

What If I Don't Want A Live Party?

Not everyone is ready to have a live party yet or others might not have outdoor space to provide. That's not a problem because we are still providing virtual parties. It's a unique package to bring the fun of our hassle free package right to your doorstep. Everything is designed to work virtual. You get to experience a fantastic party at a fraction of the cost without losing any of the quality. There's even advantages you couldn't find anywhere else.

Book Non-Stop Kids With Confidence!

The fact of the matter is Non-Stop Kids Entertainment are the company you can book with confidence. We are the largest children's entertainment in the U.K. We've provided thousands of live & virtual parties to kid's parties all across the country. Our entertainers have also provided virtual entertainment to children's wards in the NHS. Check out our different packages and get in touch when you're ready to book. Send us a contact form or call us on 0333 301 3002. We will provide you with a no obligation consultation. Thanks for reading and we'll speak to you soon!


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